TV Asahi Drama Special 2013 ~ SP ~ Keishichou Keigoka III

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 27 April 2013
Cast: Watase Tsunehiko, Kaku Chikako, Sato Eriko, Kaneko Ken, Fueki Yuko, Masu Takeshi, Uchida Asahi, Nakahara Taeko, Mikura Mana, Sugimoto Tetta, Hiraizumi Sei, Takahata Atsuko
Synopsis: Unable to fight his advancing age, former security police Takeuchi Koji (Watase Tsunehiko) is now a detective in the Community Safety Planning Division. Isogai Koichi (Sugimoto Tetta) who is busy investigating the murder of an office lady comes to talk to him. The victim Itoko (Kuno Makiko) appears to be an ordinary office lady but according to Isogai, she used to be with the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s crime lab. Takeuchi is suddenly summoned by Minister Ishinabe Kirko (Takahata Atsuko). She wants him to accompany her as a security police to tour a planned construction site for a Kyoto motorway. Takeuchi says he cannot escort her without knowing the situation she is in. This makes Kiriko clam up and back down. Takeuchi pretends to go on a trip to Kyoto with his daughter Mayu (Mikura Mana). In Kyoto, Kiriko accepts an interview with the popular journalist Shindo Ayumi (Kaku Chikako). After that, Ayumi declines to report on Kiriko’s tour and tries to return to Tokyo quickly. However, at that moment, she receives an email from her husband Yusuke (Masu Takeshi) who was a former cameraman. “Stick to Kiriko. You may see a major event.” Yusuke is working together with GGJ, a radical environmental conservation group which regards Kiriko with hostility. Although Ayumi laughs it off as ridiculous, she pulls herself together and heads over to the location of the tour. Kiriko, who ignores the accusations of GGJ and supporters against the motorway construction, starts to make a speak. Takeuchi also arrives and secretly monitors the situation. At the moment that Kiriko’s speech picks up momentum, she is shot by someone. Amid the panic, Takeuchi runs in the direction of the gunshot. When a stunned Ayumi happens to look toward the mountains, she sees her husband in the shade of the trees … … Yusuke joined hands with GGJ to shoot Kiriko. But when Ayumi returns home, Yusuke denies it and declares that he has stumbled upon a big story. Meanwhile Kiriko’s condition takes a turn for the better and she regains consciousness. She calls Takeuchi to her hospital room and asks him to guard Ayumi who has given a statement about seeing the criminal because she may be the next target. Kiriko once again says nothing else and just bows her head. There is no way Takeuchi can say no to this, so he ends up being in charge of Ayumi’s personal safety. However, a former police officer who says he shot Kiriko privately gets in touch with Ayumi. Kiriko’s shooting incident and the murder of the office lady that Isogai has been pursuing are connected, and Takeuchi gets involved in an unexpected battle with an organisation’s shadiness … …
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