Minna ESPer dayo!


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Saturdays, 12.12 – 12.52 a.m. from 13 April 2013

TV Tokyo

Kamogawa Yoshiro is an ordinary second-year high school student who neither has any redeeming points nor talent. One day, he suddenly discovers that he is able to read people’s minds, and is bewildered. However, when he learns that the teacher Hayashi has designs on the transfer student Asami Sae, he filled with a sense of mission to protect her. Furthermore, he gets excited about using this supernatural ability to save the world. A mysterious student Mitsuru is watching Yoshiro … … Meanwhile, extraordinary changes happen to Nagano Terumitsu, the proprietor of Yoshiro’s regular cafe, and Hirano Miyuki, Yoshiro’s childhood friend too. Then, a shady professor, who has heard that many people with supernatural powers have started to appear in Higashimikawa, comes to the town with his assistant Akiyama Takako. Before long, Yoshiro realises that Sae whom he fancies has a black heart. He seeks to clear up this misunderstanding but she spots how good-for-nothing he is and he sinks deeper. One day, Yoshiro notices that Miyuki possesses the same supernatural power as he does. However, she is irritated with this new found ability and shuts out the voices of the people around her.

Sometani Shota as Kamogawa Yoshiro
An ordinary high school student who lives in a small town. One day, he becomes conscious of his ability to read the minds of other people and is troubled. However, he decides to use this supernatural power and become the hero in his own life. He falls in love at first sight with the transfer student Asami Sae whom he protects, and tries to save the “world”.

Kaho as Hirano Miyuki
Kamogawa Yoshiro’s childhood friend. Her personality is the exact opposite of his. She has the disposition of a delinquent. A compassionate and lively person. Her body undergoes a extraordinary change and she is suddenly able to read people’s minds. She has been dating a gang leader but their relationship starts to get strained with her use of telepathy.

Mano Erina as Asami Sae
A transfer student from Tokyo. She is the girl that all the boys including Kamogawa Yoshiro are crazy about. She appears cheerful and outgoing but is actually shockingly black-hearted. Not realising that Yoshiro and others are able to hear her, she spews venom inside.

Yasuda Ken as Mysterious professor
A mysterious professor who has come to Aichi Prefecture’s Higashimikawa from Tokyo because of research. He is constantly fondling the breasts of his assistant Akiyama Takako and burying his face in her chest, but the reason is not known. He appears to know something about the town that Kamogawa Yoshiro lives in and the continuous appearance of people with supernatural powers.

Kagurazaka Megumi as Akiyama Takako
The professor’s assistant. He is always fondling her breasts but in fact … … A person of few words. She is a practitioner of the Brazilian combat sport, capoeira.

Makita Sports as Nagano Terumitsu
Nickname: Teru-san. A middle-aged man who works at the cafe Seahorse. He only has erotic thoughts 24 hours. One day, he is able to practice telekinesis. However, he cannot move things other than the erotic. Everyday, he would show off his knowledge about gender to junior and senior high school students, but is a virgin.

Fukami Motoki as Enomoto Yosuke
A third-year high school student and substitute basketball player. He has been fantasising about surpassing the basketball club’s ace, and becoming popular with girls. One day, he acquires teleportation, but instinctively starts to use this supernatural ability.

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2 Responses to Minna ESPer dayo!

  1. Joe says:

    So funny … Kamogawa Yoshiro gets a boner at school when Asami Sae’s school uniform … the pleated short skirt gets lifted up by the wind or by someone using his/her super natural power to do the up-lift .

  2. Eun Mi says:

    Can I just ask something? -(maybe)

    What was Asami San’s ability as an esper?

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