Kumo no Kaidan


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Wednesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 17 April 2013


At a clinic on Mikotojima, an island with less than 500 inhabitants on the Izu chain of islands, Aikawa Saburo carries out the work of a doctor under the guidance of Muraki Eiji, the island’s only doctor and the head of the clinic. Aikawa is merely an office clerk. While Aikawa knows that what he is doing is illegal, he makes remarkable progress in learning various medical treatments because of his manual dexterity, earnestness and quick wit. The even islanders start calling him “young doctor”. Despite his discomfort, he tells himself that it is okay if it does not get out of the island and as long as he can help island’s people. The staff of the clinic are opposed to Aikawa practicing medicine without a doctor’s license. However, the nurse Suzuki Akiko, is the only one who feels that this cannot be helped given the situation facing the island and is determined to support Aikawa. One night while the island is hit by a strong typhoon, an emergency case is brought to the cliinc. The patient is Tasaka Akiko, a university student who has come to the island for leisure. However, Muraki is away from the island and even an emergency medical helicopter would not come to the island in this weather. If Aikawa does nothing, Akiko will lose her life. With no time to lose, Aikawa operates on her but panics when she starts haemorrhaging … … All they can do is to keep giving her blood transfusions. Akiko regains consciousness later that night and is impressed with Aikawa’s sincerity. The next day, her grateful parents visit Mikotojima. Under the impression that Aikawa is a genuine doctor, her father, the director of a famous hospital in Tokyo, asks about the details of the surgery. Aikawa is once again disturbed and horrified by what he has done. This encounter will unexpectedly change the destinies of Aikawa and the two Akikos.

Hasegawa Hiroki as Aikawa Saburo
An office clerk at the island’s clinic who came to Mikotojima one and a half years ago. He is good with his hands, quick witted, mild and diligent. He wins the confidence of Muraki Eiji, the head of the clinic, and is made to carry out medical treatments. Despite his discomfort, his interest in the work of a doctor is aroused, and he studies as much as he can for the first time in his life. Although he shows talent in medical treatment, he begins to be wracked with guilt for being an unlicensed doctor. At that moment, he receives the full support of the nurse Suzuki Akiko who is his colleague, and gradually starts to feel happy to be appreciated by the island people. But one day, he has a fateful encounter with Tasaka Akiko who has come to the island from Tokyo for leisure. Although Suzuki Akiko is his girlfriend, he and Tasaka Akiko end up in love, and he chooses to be installed as the assistant director of the hospital where Tasaka Yuichiro is the director.

Inamori Izumi as Suzuki Akiko
A nurse at the island’s clinic. She cared for her parents, and now lives alone. Even though Aikawa Saburo has the air of an urbanite and does not have a doctor’s license, she is attracted to his sincerity in practicing medicine and they start dating. She is conscious of walking hand-in-hand with Aikawa someday in the future but this changes with the appearance of Tasaka Akiko.

Kimura Fumino as Tasaka Akiko
A student who attends a Tokyo university. The daughter of the director of a famous general hospital. She is to take a doctor as her husband and he will take over the hospital. This life decided by her parents will soon be upon her. With some thought in mind, she comes to Mikotojima with friends, and this is where she and Aikawa Saburo have a fateful encounter … …

Hagiwara Masato as Takaoka Yohei
A pharmacist at the clinic. Suzuki Akiko’s childhood friend. After he graduated from a university in Tokyo, he returned to the island to work at the clinic. He treats Akiko like a boyfriend, but has actually loved her since young.

Aoyagi Sho as Nomura Masaki
Tasaka General Hospital’s best surgeon. Tasaka Akiko’s fiance who has his sights on being Tasaka Yuichiro’s successor. Because he and Akiko are parties to an arranged marriage decided by their parents, he later ends up facing off against Aikawa Saburo in many situations.

Naito Takashi as Tasaka Yuichiro
Tasaka Akiko’s father. The director of Tasaka General Hospital in Tokyo. The son-in-law who was adopted into the Tasaka family. He does not voice it, but he has an ambition for his successor to become the husband of his the eldest daughter and take over the hospital but … …

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  1. Imja says:

    Looking good so far .. cant wait for episode 2

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