Vampire Heaven


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Fridays, 12.52 – 1.23 a.m. from 12 April 2013

TV Tokyo

In the world inhabited only by vampires that never grow old, the cold-hearted and malicious Count delights in getting what he desires by whatever means necessary. The vampire Sakurako who is courted by the Count, is barely saved by fellow vampire Komachi, and the two of them flee from his clutches. They soon arrive in Tokyo which is filled with human beings as far as the eye can see. Helped by Hayato, Sakurako and Komachi are given shelter at Midnight Cafe. They are allowed to live in the room of Kentaro who stays above the cafe, courtesy of the enigmatic owner Aoi. The two of them manage to start living in the world of humans. But Sakurako quickly falls in love with Hayato at first sight. However, the more a vampire likes its partner, the more it desires the partner’s blood. Sakurako notices that when she plays music, her bloodsucking tendencies are strangely dispelled. So she strums the guitar and thinks of Hayato. Komachi worriedly watches Sakurako. Meanwhile, Komachi also begins to get attracted to Hayato … …

Omasa Aya as Sakurako
An earnest vampire who is diligent in everything and considers the feelings of others. She prides for her striking beauty among the gorgeous vampires. She looks 20, but is actually 170. She is not immune to love.

Honda Tsubasa as Komachi
Sakurako’s best friend. A wilful, boyish vampire with unisex appeal. She looks 20, but is actually 165. Contrary to her cute appearance, there are glimpses of the brutal side of her because of her vampire nature.

Hiraoka Yuta as Hayato
A handsome young man with an air of loneliness. He aspires to be a professional musician, and his obsession with music is so strong that it attracts the people around him. He has an arrogant disposition and is always condescending.


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