Take Five ~ Oretachi wa Ai o Nusumeru ka


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Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 19 April 2013


Homura Masayoshi is a psychology professor at one of the universities in Tokyo. He is extremely popular among students for his witty speeches at his lectures on love psychology. However, there is actually another side to this straight-laced university professor that no one around him knows. He used to be a member of Take Five which was once called the greatest gang of thieves in history. Homura and his father were thieves with the peculiar policy of hitting on bad fellows for large sums of money through Take Five. But 20 years ago, an incident led the members to wind up Take Five and retire. Homura has lead a life far from that of thief since then. One day, Homura returns to his room after a routine lecture to find a suspicious-looking brown envelope on his desk. There is a photograph of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of Lucrezia Borgia inside the envelope. With the photograph in his hand, When Homura glances out of the window, a homeless woman is staring at him. Intuitively knowing that she is the owner of the envelope, Homura calls out to her. She says the painting in the photograph is in a secure facility of Tohto Bank. Furthermore, she behaves as if she knows that he is a robber. What is her intention of showing him this photograph? Homura who is determined to make a clean break with his former life, tells himself that he will not be manipulated by the woman, but gets carried away by an impulse to confirm the location of the painting. In the end, he slips into Tohto Bank’s safe. However, the woman’s information is bogus and the painting is not inside. Homura instead encounters Niimi Haruto, a thief who has also snuck into the safe. Then the two men hear the sound of an alarm and attempt to get out. At the same moment, detective Sasahara Rui of Shibadaimon Police Precinct and her subordinates learn that there is an unusual situation at Tohto Bank, which they have passed, and rush over. Rui who hates thefts more than others because of a painful incident during her childhood, senses the presence of intruders inside the bank and tries to capture them but … … On the other hand, Iwatsuki Kai, who is also a detective at Shibadaimon Police Precinct, is alienated by his superiors and has been shunted off to a position that requires little, but begins to behave mysteriously … …

Karasawa Toshiaki as Homura Masayoshi
A psychology professor at Jokyo University and the owner of the jazz bar, Swing Time. He cannot hold his liquor and always drinks milk. He loves listening to the jazz song ‘Take Five’. Until 20 years ago, he was a member of Take Five, the legendary gang of thieves led by his father Makoto. However, an incident caused the gang to disband and put those days behind them. He is now living respectably as a university professor who teachers psychology. But one day, photograph of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of Lucrezia Borgia from a homeless woman propels him back on the path of a thief. He forms Take Five again with five new associates, but … …

Matsuyuki Yasuko as Sasahara Rui
A detective A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Robbery/Theft Unit of Shibadaimon Police Precinct. Her father had been a detective, but he committed suicide because of a robbery by Homura Masayoshi’s father. She hates the act of stealing with all her heart and became a police officer too. After her father’s death, she has been making a living while looking after her younger sister Sae. She regards robberies to be the same crime as murders and will not tolerate people who steal the possessions of others. She later ends up squaring off against Take Five, and gets attracted to Homura without knowing that he was a member of the original Take Five as well as son of her father’s adversary … …

Matsuzaka Tori as Niimi Haruto
An employee of a security firm, he is primarily in charge of security systems. However, he is actually a natural sneak thief who keeps stealing because he was financial strapped in the past. He only trusts in money. He has confidence in his own skills. Although he regards Homura Masayoshi as a rival, he joins Take Five.

Rokkaku Seiji as Minami Shinichi
A pharmacist. Along with Homura Masayoshi, he had been a member of Take Five until 20 years ago. After the gang disbanded, he got married and has a 4-year-old daughter now. Although he is asked by Homura, who is searching for new Take Five members, he rejects him. He cannot afford to put himself risk now that he has a family. However, he ends up joining as a member after that. He is good with one’s hands, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Irie Jingi as Hioka Tamotsu
An employee at a heavy-equipment manufacturer. He does test runs. His grandfather was once a member of Take Five. One day, he meets Homura Masayoshi again and joins the new Take Five as a member through an unexpected turn of events. He respects Homura and his grandfather.

Baisho Mitsuko as Homeless woman
A mysterious homeless woman. She suddenly appears before Homura Masayoshi who has concealed his activities as Take Five, and informs him about the whereabouts of Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrait of Lucrezia Borgia, luring him back to the path of a thief. Her motive is unknown.

Inagaki Goro as Iwatsuki Kai
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Robbery/Theft Unit of Shibadaimon Police Precinct. Sasahara Rui’s colleague. He is fastidious and effective at intelligence gathering. But one day, he is ordered by his superior to move to the store for stolen goods in a sudden demotion. This triggers his interest in Take Five and he joins as a member. He pursues the truth of some case behind the scenes.

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