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The Numata family has two sons. The eldest Shinichi is smart, but their second son Shigeyuki cannot keep up in school and is in danger of. Home tutor Yoshimoto Koya arrives at the Numata household. It was Numata Kayoko who had found his homepage on the internet which claims “100% qualified for Tokyo University” and hired him to in order to improve the grades of her second son Shigeyuki who is performing poorly at school. Yoshimoto first interviews the Numata family in the living room. Kayoko, her husband Kazushige and eldest son Shinichi get together, but Shigeyuki does not show up. A third year junior high school student, Shigeyuki refuses to attend to school and stays at home. He finally appears after his mother calls for him but fools around, behaving like a robot. Even so, Yoshimoto begins the interview as if nothing has happened. Kazushige proposes that Shigeyuki be made to qualify for the prestigious high school that his older brother attends and it is decided that this will be Yoshimoto’s goal. When Yoshimoto asks Shigeuki if he wishes to improve his grades, he does not get a straight answer. Then Yoshimoto does something that surprises the family. In front of the dumbfounded family, he asks about Shigeyuki’s intention again. The stunned boy nods. This is how Yoshimoto ends up being accepted as Shigeyuki’s home tutor. The interview ends. Kazushige proposes to to give Yoshimoto a bonus of 100,000 yen if he brings his son to school within a week. Yoshimoto replies that five days is more than sufficient. His condition is that they not interfere with his way of doing things during that interval. Yoshimoto’s first task is to make Shigeyuki attend school. He immediately gets to work on it. However, his method is rather queer. What Yoshimoto, his sixth tutor, teaches is more than studies. This scary, inscrutable home tutor has a big influence not only on the second son but the whole dysfunctional family, and gradually transforms them.

Sakurai Sho as Yoshimoto Koya
A mysterious home tutor with a brilliant mind who declares on the internet that he is a Tokyo University graduate and all the students he has taught have qualified for Tokyo University. However, he is a creepy person with his bizzare statements and actions that baffle the people around him. Put simply, he is an eccentric. His form of education with appropriate use of carrot and stick appears to be some sort of experiment. There is a reason for his approach which different from present educational philosophy. He accepts the request of the Numata family and ends up teaching their second son Shigeyuki.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Numata Shinichi
An outstanding second year high school student. He has gone on to one of the prefecture’s best high schools. He has outstanding academic results and looks set for Tokyo University. On the other hand, he belongs to the track team. Because he is good at studies and sports, he is also very popular with girls. He is annoyed by his parents excessive expectations, but does not realise that this pressure is what drives him. He prefers routine and fears veering off course.

Uragami Seishu as Numata Shigeyuki
A third year junior high school student. He used to be hard on other people and lenient on himself. A typical ordinary junior high school student. However, he started being bullied by his class because of some incident and ends up refusing to go to school. After moving up to the third year, he has practically been absent from school. Labelled a dropout in comparison to his outstanding older brother Shinichi, Shigeyuki is a problem child. Successive home tutors that his parents found gave up on him. His interest is the computer (social networking service, online games, posting entries on bulletin boards).

Itao Itsuji as Numata Kazushige
An ordinary salaryman. The father of Shinichi and Shigeyuki, and husband of Kayoko. The names of his sons were derived from his own name. He works at a topnotch household electrical appliances manufacturer. Transferred from the sales department to the human resources department, he is now responsible for restructuring by encouraging his colleagues and former superiors to take voluntary retirement. His wife is the daughter of the owner of a client company and theirs was an arranged marriage because he was seen to have potential. His personality gradually gets warped after he is shunted off to an unglamorous post. Lately, he has been secretly taking pleasure in firing his colleagues. He does not care about the family.

Suzuki Honami as Numata Kayoko
A full-time housewife. Numata Kazushige’s wife, and the mother of Shinichi and Shigeyuki. A good-looking woman with a gentle nature. She wedded Kzushige in an arranged marriage, at the insistence of her father. However, her husband’s attitude suddenly changes after he was transferred from the sales department to the human resources department. Because she was brought up like a young lady from a wealthy family, her sense of the value of money and society is often skewed and this makes Kazushige more irritated. As a result, she ends up withdrawing into her shell. Her two sons are her hope. And so she pours all her fervour for education and passion into child raising.

Kutsuna Shiori as Asami Maika
A mysterious young woman who approaches Numata Kazushige. She says that she works in the same electronics manufacturer as him but … …

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