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The beautiful, confident Inaba Rika is a director at Teito TV Network. It has been her dream to be a reporter ever since she was a child and she has become a broadcast journalist attached to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Rika is more motivated than anyone else to push forward with her work. With the mission of uncovering the hidden side of society, she believes in the style of holding out a microphone and cracking at her interviewees to the point that they get angry. She is a highly regarded up-and-comer. However, her sense of duty and passion often gets her into trouble with interviewees because of her overly aggressive interviews. In her fifth year at the network, she is transferred against her will to be the co-director of an evening information programme. Put in charge of a special feature on uniformed personnel, she is ordered to interview the Self Defence Forces. On the other hand, First Lieutenant Sorai Daisuke became a fighter pilot but injured his foot in a freak accident that shattered his childhood dream of sitting in the Blue Impulse. He spent a year in despair. Assigned to the Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department, a department that he was unprepared for, to do public relations work, Daisuke has never once shown his emotions or lost his temper ever since the accident. That gets him called the “fellow who smiles like he’s half asleep”. However, Daisuke’s superior Sagisaka Shoji who sees through his “benign, mild” facade, makes Daisuke attend to Rika even though the people around him say he is still not ready for it. Rika, who is chafed to have her dream destroyed, starts frequenting the Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department. She psyches herself at the possibility of making a comeback as a journalist by getting a scoop. With that in mind, she is constantly provocative in her speech and conduct towards the members of the department, especially Daisuke. And then, she says something to Daisuke that she never should … …

Aragaki Yui as Inaba Rika
The director of Teito TV Network’s news programme ‘Teito Evening’. She is strong-minded and ambitious. It has been her dream to be a reporter since she was a child. After she found a job at Teito TV, she became a broadcast journalist just as she desired and was more enthusiastic than anyone else. However, her heavy-handed interview tactics get her into a lot of trouble and she ends up being transferred to be the director of an information programme. Put in charge of a special feature on the Self Defence Forces, she meets Sorai Daisuke at the Air Self-Defence Force and starts to move on to a new dream.

Ayano Go as Sorai Daisuke
A former Air Self-Defence Force fighter pilot who now belongs to the Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department. Since his childhood, all he strove for was to become a pilot of the Blue Impulse. He joined the Air Self-Defence Force, became a fighter pilot and it was unofficially announced that he was bound for the Blue Impulse. Unfortunately, he met with a traffic accident. He recovered his ability to walk but was assigned to the Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department because he could not go back to being a pilot (removed from duty). He smiles blandly and has never once been reticent after the accident, but his circumstances change dramatically when his boss Sagisaka Shoji makes him attend to Inaba Rika.

Shibata Kohei as Sagisaka Shoji
Rank: Colonel. The head of the Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department. He looks like an ordinary old man. He loves entertainment material and making a play on words, but has earned the nickname “Con man Sagisaka” because his negotiation skills which rival a company salesman, makes the impossible possible. He has the deep trust of his subordinates to the extent that his own fan club has been formed. He sees through Sorai Daisuke’s facade and deliberately makes him Inaba Rika’s attendant in an attempt to give him a mission as public relations officer of the Air Self-Defence Force.

Mizuno Miki as Yuzuki Noriko
Rank: Major. The Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department’s only female. She is a beauty but the people around her are often let down by her urefined behaviour. She naturally cannot get along well with Inaba Rika. Every time the two of them see each other, they seethe.

Takahashi Tsutomu as Maki Hiromi
Rank: Major. A member of the Air Staff Office’s Public Relations Department. He is serious as a public relations officer to the extent that he is called “public morals officer” by Yuzuki Noriko. He respects Sagisaka Shoji and calls himself his number one fan. Because he has been acquainted with Noriko, who is his senior, since their days in the National Defence Academy’s kendo club, he is disappointed by her present behaviour and clashes over almost everything.

Namase Katsuhisa as Akutsu Mamoru
The director of ‘Teito Evening’ and Inaba Rika’s senior. He used to be a variety director. He hurls harsh words at Rika who cannot get rid of the aggressive interview techniques when she was a broadcast journalist.

Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Murase Katsuhiko
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel. A squadron leader at Hyakuri Air Base. Sorai Daisuke’s former superior and a person who knew Daisuke well when he was a pilot. Worried about the change in Daisuke after the accident, he comes to tell Sagisaka Shoji to take good care of him.

Mikura Mana as Kotsuka Tomomi
A Teito TV Network broadcast journalist. She joined the company at the same time as Inaba Rika. She is now in charge of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and sees Rika as a rival. When she meets Rika, she will make caustic remarks.

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  1. amc says:

    Fantastic first episode. I’ve never been this excited for a Jdrama in a while. I hope it keeps the tone of dramatic with a bit of romance. Loved it so much.

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