Saikou no Rikon – Episode 10 Synopsis

Episode 10: Why don’t you become that child’s father? This would probably be the best way to settle things nicely. Shouldn’t responsibility be about taking care of someone?!


Mitsuo learns that Akari is pregnant with Ryo’s child. He calls Yuka, who has sought refuge at a friend’s apartment, to apologise for the day before and asks if she is all right. Yuka tells him that she is sorry too for never being appreciative of the hard work he put into his job. He says it is the same with him. They agree that this means they are even. Both of them smile at that and an air of peacefulness settles over them.


However, when Yuka tells Mitsuo to convey her apologies to Akari for her queer behaviour, he chooses that moment to reveal Akari’s pregnancy and the mood turns sour. Mitsuo wonders what he should do because Akari seems not to have told Ryo and has no intention to get back together. Yuka does not know why he is telling her this because it does not concern her. She suggests that it will work out nicely if he becomes the child’s father since he intended to date Akari. Or is he being irresponsible now? Mitsuo vehemently objects to Yuka’s words and asks what she means. Getting worked up, he confesses that he still regrets saying that he did not want children and for making her feel sad. But that was what he truly felt at that time. So there is no way he will be the child’s father since it would only hurt her. He does not understand why they are saying hurtful things to each other at a time like this. He called her because he is concerned. While Yuka understands Mitsuo’s feelings, there is nothing she can say. She tells him not to bother her anymore and hangs up. When he tries to call her again, her phone is switched off.


The next day, Yuka goes out for an interview at an employment agency in Akihabara but is advised to look for part-time work due to the rather severe situation. On the way back, she gets accosted on the street by a shady man called Tsunami Tatsuya who appears to be a scout from PH Promotion. He flatters her, asking if a beautiful woman like her would be interested in this line of work. When Yuka guesses that he is referring to modelling, he elaborates that it is for hot springs. Showing her an adult DVD with a married woman theme (the same video that Mitsuo had rented), he tells her that this series is very popular and has had a twelfth volume released. Yuka realises it involves nudity and rejects him. He proposes to pay her 3 million yen to appear in one and 1 billion yen if she signs a contract to star in three videos because she is a Class A beauty.


Yuka instantly flees home to the apartment in fear. But she continues to stare at Tsunami’s name card as she admits to her friend Sato Miki that she was tempted by the offer for a split second. Miki says she would do it for 1 billion yen even if it involves nudity. Yuka does not have a child which is why she can have the luxury of saying such things. After Miki leaves for work, Yuka looks at Tsunami’s namecard again. Then she quickly flings it away and shakes her head as if to snap herself out of it.


On the other hand, Mitsuo contacts Ryo and goes out to meet him. They end up at a karaoke bar with some young girls even though Mitsuo asked for a quiet place to talk. Mitsuo reminds Ryo how he had previously said he would change his lifestyle and start over again with Akari. He cannot understand why the situation is like this now. Ryo abruptly asks if Mitsuo has already slept with Akari. Did he think Ryo would not be angry after he stole Akari from him. Then, Ryo declares his intention to kill. Mitsuo says that at this very instant, he feels murderous too. Ryo scoffs, reaches out for a maracas and taps Mitsuo’s head with it. Mitsuo takes a tambourine and does the same as well. Each tap is met with an even harder knock, neither of them taking their eyes off the other. At some point, they lunge at each other and start scuffling … …


Mitsuo comes across Akari near home and invites her up to his house. Complimenting Mitsuo, Akari says she feels relaxed in his company because he does not lie to her. Living means being honest to oneself, she thinks and declares that she likes Mitsuo, even the bothersome side of him. This makes Mitsuo feel that she is lavishing a lifetime’s worth of praise on him. Akari candidly admits that she thought they might have dated, but because it will not happen, she is saying all of this to him today. Continuing on, she tells Mitsuo that she will give birth to the child and raise it. Although Ryo has no part in this, she is not alone. Becoming a mother is an act of honesty to herself, she says with a smile.


On another day, Yuka encounters Tsunami again while waiting for the light at a traffic crossing. Perceiving her interest, he tries to coax her but she says that although she is divorced, she has not sunk so low. According to Tsunami, all the women that are doing this are regular people who are not in desperate straits. Yuka believes that someone like herself who is a failure in everything she does cannot look down on others. Tsunami says with great feeling that Yuka is beautiful, and she can even look like a 20-year-old if they use Photoshop! Yuka muses to Miki over lunch that she was actually delighted to be complimented even by a very shady man who is probably trying to deceive her. She seeks assurance that it is normal to want to be praised and acknowledged by someone.


Meanwhile, Mitsuo visits the arts college where Ryo works. He runs into Chihiro and learns that Ryo has been hospitalised after he got drunk and fell from the third floor window. Mitsuo goes to the hospital to tell Ryo about Akari’s pregnancy but stalks away after seeing him show off a magic trick to a group of women gathered around his bed. When Ryo catches up with him, Mitsuo demands to know why he fell from the window. Ryo claims he does not remember much besides his drunken state. But Mitsuo confronts him about opening that window himself. Will it be the fourth floor the next time? Then the fifth? At some point, will it be the rooftop? Mitsuo starts to tell Ryo that stuff happens to everyone. Every person has things on their mind … … Exasperation gets the better of him and he shrugs off whatever he was trying to say. However, in the next moment, Mitsuo chases after Ryo’s retreating figure and calls out that Akari is carrying his child.


Hearing the news, Ryo rushes over to see Akari who is civil to him. She is two months pregnant and has even taken an ultrasound picture. But when he asks to see the picture, she coolly says that it cannot be shown to people. He is not fit to call the child his since he should know what he has been doing outside these two months. She tells him to forget about them, and to go on dating different women. Something he can do immediately and easily. Then she tries to dismiss him because a customer will be coming. But Ryo looks up at her with tears in his eyes and declares that he cannot. When Akari attempts to get away from him, he grabs hold of her to make her listen to him.


Ryo had imagined as he made his way here, their child’s small hands and feet, growing up years where there would be baths together, piggyback rides, markings on the wall as the child gets taller. He also thought about themselves, how they would both grow old, and call each other mum and dad. Even now, he thinks of three persons in this house, and not two so he will never forget for as long as he lives. He apologises but expresses his desire to be the child’s father, to be called father, and to live as three. “Please let me into this family.” However, he does not get a reply because Akari rushes off to the toilet. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she mutters what a bother this is.

At a roadside stall that night, Ryo updates Mitsuo that Akari said she will call him soon because a customer was coming. Mitsuo warns that females never do it when they say that, and confides his belief that gay and lesbian couples would work better.


Meanwhile, Miki takes Yuka out for drinks at a club after noticing her odd behaviour in the afternoon. It had been brought on by a text message from Aiko asking how she was and telling her that she will be moving to Lake Kawaguchi where her son lives. At that moment, Tsunami appears at the entrance to Yuka’s bewilderment. Miki explains that she had invited him. Yuka turns to leave but Miki drags her along with them into the club.


The next evening, Mitsuo prepares a table at Kingyo Cafe to celebrate the reunion of Ryo and Akari who have decided to start over again and take the step toward marriage. Ryo had invited Mitsuo and Yuka to have dinner together with them. Akari arrives before Ryo. As the two of them wait for him, Akari observes that Mitsuo appears to be happier than her about this major reversal. When Mitsuo remarks about his surprise that she is still able to love Ryo again after all that has happened, Akari honestly states that she has no love for Ryo. Although she does not love or trust him, they will get married because she is carrying his child. She calls it a practical choice even though she knows he may cheat on her again someday. Mitsuo does not believe that of Ryo. However, Akari points out that a person will not change, especially people at their age. The mentality that a person can change is no different from managing debt. She declares that she will pull it off. Mitsuo wonders why she is telling him all this so she remarks that she likes him better than Ryo, and this is in retaliation for 10 years ago. But her smiles and laughter over dinner betray none of the cynicism she expressed earlier.


Mitsuo grows more morose as the night wears on. Yuka did not turn up for dinner. Furthermore, he sees his grandmother packing when he goes up to visit her after dinner. She tells him that he is wrong to presume that she will be around forever when he starts pointing out the disadvantages of living at Lake Kawaguchi. Important things will disappear first. He wearily trudges home.

Wondering how Yuka is, Mitsuo calls her to ask what she is doing tomorrow and she tells him that she has an appointment. She is considering becoming an actress. It seems that she has the class so she is thinking of giving it a try. Mitsuo is baffled, and exclaims that she is being idiotic. There is no way that she can be one. She asks how can he possibly know when someone has told her that she can, that she is beautiful. But he cuts her off, pointing out that she must have been conned. If that is what he thinks, she is fine with it and hangs up. Mitsuo continues to speak into his phone, saying that he has some things to tell her. He suggests reupholstering the wallpaper to change the mood. They can buy the dishwasher that she wanted since there seem to be cheap ones. The glass containers that they have at home for puddings are useless and can put pickles at the most. And they do not eat pickles. Has she not been updating Facebook lately? He remembers her wanting to drink tea on the verandah and intends to move his bonsai plant out of the way … …


The next day, Mitsuo joins Ota, an acquaintance who works at the horse racing track, in his baseball uniform but is perplexed to see their outfits. He had assumed that they would be playing baseball when Ota called him last night to ask if he could come and that the same members would be here. They give him a jacket with the name of the popular Akihabara idol group on it and light sticks while Ota instructs him to follow their example at the live gig. Discomfited by his surroundings, Mitsuo attempts to make a dash for the exit just as the performance is about to start. However, Ota makes a grab for him and he is forced to stay on.

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9 Responses to Saikou no Rikon – Episode 10 Synopsis

  1. hannah says:

    thank you!
    I’ve been waiting whole week for the preview!
    please yuka and mitsuo!get back together!
    love the chemistry between eita and ono machiko ❤

  2. I just have a question about the first paragraph: Mitsuo is regreting telling Yuka he does not want kids and is telling her that? Because I get lost if he is talking about Akari or to Yuka.

    • 99tsukumo says:

      mitsuo regrets telling yuka (when they were still married) that he doesn’t want kids. now, he’s telling her what he feels, ie “I regret telling you that I didn’t want children”

  3. heisui says:

    Ryo is going to fall from the third floor window!?!?!? Whaaaat!?!? O__O

    • rootabega says:

      Maybe he had a little help from a scorned member of the female sex…lol…
      Along with the ludicrous porn-scouting storyline, this ep seems to be spinning a bit before the grand finale….no complaints from me, though. I know I’m in good hands with this writer.

  4. Emy Mymy says:

    Why the full synopsis has not come yet? I do wait for it… pleaseee come

    • rootabega says:

      I’m sorry to inject a less-than-happy tone into the comments section, but do you have any idea how much painstaking work and mental effort goes into synopsysing this series? Frankly, I’m amazed at how quickly jadefrost can do this, doubly amazed when I realize this isn’t the only topic she writes about.

      • Emy Mymy says:

        Thank youuu, I do really wait for the synopsis, until I did not notice how great Jadefrost effort to synopsize this series. Yeah its not like usual that the synopsis came late. So I wonder what is happened… then when the synopsis was done. Do you have any idea how exited I am ? Big big thankkkkssssssss :)… can not wait for the final episode… later on I’ll wait indulgently 🙂

  5. fade92 says:

    this helps a lot but I can’t find it subbed anywhere am so sad love this show!

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