Tonbi (2013) – Episode 10 Preview (final)

Episode 10: The 30-year story of my hopelessly awkward father who loved me with all his heart (Airs 17 March)

In the winter of 1999, Yasu comes out of Amagasaki Transportation’s office and comes across Kuzuhara’s wife. She has brought her grandchild who is learning to walk. Then, crates loaded on a forklift near where the child is playing, falls.

Seeing that, Yasu hurriedly runs over to save the child who looks like he will be crushed. All that is left of Yasu is a lone shoe beside the pile of fallen crates.

Kuzuhara’s dazed wife and the company’s employees desperately remove the crates and Yasu is sent by ambulance to the hospital. Akira and Taeko, who have been notified of the accident, rush to the hospital where Yasu has been taken to.

And so, this is the end of the story of the 30-year love between father and son … …

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