Kamisama no Boat


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Sundays, 10.00 – 10.50 p.m. from 10 March 2013

NHK BS Premium

Nojima Yoko married a professor of a music college, but has a fateful encounter with Sawaki Tetsuya and they have many rendezvous. However, Sawaki has a wife too. The musical instrument store that Sawaki runs is burnt down by his jealous wife. Saddled with an enormous debt and dying wife, Sawaki tells her “I’ll definitely track down Yoko-chan no matter where I am” and suddenly disappears. After that, Yoko discovers that she is pregnant with the child of the man she loves. She runs away from Momoi and chooses to live alone, but he finds her and she gives birth to her baby in his presence. Not long after that, Yoko happens to pass Sawaki on the streets but loses sight of him. Shocked at herself for losing “signs” of her love for Sawaki, Yoko brings up divorce with her husband and is issued tough terms. He wants her to disappear from Tokyo. And so, Yoko begins her journey with her young daughter in tow. Believing in Sawaki’s promise, she moves from place to place … … Kusako travels about with her mother as she listen to stories about her father. It is a life where she is continuously changing schools. Her mother keeps saying, “I cannot get used to places where that person isn’t around. It’s because I’ve got onto god’s boat.” However, more than 10 years have passed and Kusako has grown up. Yoko continues to believe in the promise Sawaki made to her, but Kusako questions the life of her mother whose life has been based on an unrealistic promise. Her mother does not live in reality, but she wants to. As Yoko gradually goes insane, the relationship between mother and daughter … …

Miyazawa Rie as Nojima Yoko
She went against her parents to marry an older music professor Momoi when in her 20s. Then she meets Sawaki Tetsuya develops a soul searing love for him. However, the two of them are forced to separate. Yoko has Sawaki’s child and sets out on an aimless journey … …

Fujiki Naohito as Sawaki Tetsuya
He falls in love with Nojima Yoko but loses everything because of his wife’s jealousy. Before he leaves, he tells Yoko that he will definitely return and will look for her no matter where he goes.

Kobayashi Rino/Morikawa Aoi as Nojima Kusako
The daughter of Nojima Yoko and Sawaki Tetsuya. She listens to her mother’s memories of her father as she travels around with her mother. Her life a constant transfer from one school to another. Before long, she starts to question her mother’s way of life.

Ishibashi Ryo as Momoi
Nojima Yoko’s instructor during her days in music college. He taught her Bach. He married Yoko despite a 30-year age difference. Despite Yoko’s betrayal, he tries to live with her.

Yamazaki Naoko as Sawaki Misa
Sawaki Tetsuya’s wife. She realises her husband is cheating on her and tells Nojima Yoko to leave him but … …

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