Last Dinner


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Saturdays, 11.15 – 11.45 p.m. from 9 March 2013

NHK BS Premium

A couple torn apart by fate are able to meet again for the last time at a mysterious restaurant called L’Eterenite. Yuka continues to wait for her boyfriend who disappeared one year ago. She has been told by her company colleagues that he must be dead and that it is useless even if she waits. Yuka spends her days worrying. Then one day, she receives an invitation from a restaurant. A suspicious Yuka heads to the restaurant with a strange atmosphere to wait. Just as she is feeling uneasy after the other customers have gone back, a person appears before her. He is unmistakeably Yoshio, who had gone out and never come back. The two of them are reunited after a long time. However, Yoshio’s attitude is strangely cold … …

* Tanaka Rena as Yuka (Mata Aeru Hi)
* Yamamoto Koji as Yoshio (Mata Aeru Hi)
* Kimura Yoshino as Miyako (Saigo no Kotoba)
* Nagatsuka Kyozo as Takao (Saigo no Kotoba)
* Kora Kengo as Guy A (Hero)
* Watanabe Ikkei as Face Far (Hero)
* Tomosaka Rie as Kazama Rin (True Heart)
* Takuma Takayuki as Tatsuo (True Heart)
* Maeda Oshiro as Young boy (Mirai no Omoide)
* Yagi Emiri as Young girl (Mirai no Omoide)
* Hoshino Mari as Rie (Yell)
* Takahashi Issei as Kaito (Yell)
* Kaku Chikako as Ayaka (Watashi ga Koroshita Onna)
* Katase Rino as Miyoko (Watashi ga Koroshita Onna)
* Hashizume Isao as Elderly gentleman (Eien no Omoi)
* Dan Rei as Mariko (Eien no Omoi)

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