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Teito University Hospital set up a high technology medical centre not long ago. Separated from the medical specialties, it is a revolutionary trial which diagnoses and treats patients’ illnesses in a comprehensive way through the advanced medical care that has been put together. Its members are general physician Hatano Takumi, neurosurgeon Tachibana Ayumi, heart and gastroenterological surgeon Takagi Junji, haematologist Ogiwara Yukiyo, neuro-ophthalmologist Soejima Masaomi, professor of applied research Komaki Toshiaki. Naruse Tetsuji, the director of the centre, is the man who gathered them. The members are specialists of different fields but all are individualistic and with their own quirks. Hatano spends time interviewing patients. So when he is on duty, there will be a huge congestion of patients which gets the nurses into trouble. However, it is for possible diagnoses in an attempt to gain the trust of patients. When Hatano is bothered by diagnoses, he would certainly call on the members. On this day, Ayumi is summoned. The patient is Miyamoto Kosuke who is suffering from tumours in multiple organs and because he has also undergone a heart bypass, he has been being rejected for treatment by 15 hospitals. In contrast to Kosuke who listens calmly, his fiancee Morimoto Risako who has escorted him on this visit appears anxious. Hearing Ayumi say that the chances of recovery is not zero, Hatano takes responsibility for the treatment.

Aiba Masaki as Hatano Takumi
A general practitioner who works at Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. The eldest son of Hatano Kunio who runs Hatano Clinic. His mother passed away while he was a houseman. He set his sights of being a doctor because he has admired his father since he was a child. After graduating from medical college, he immediately started working under him. However, his father had no intention to let him take over the clinic. Because of that, he joins Teito University Hospital’s newly established Advanced Medical Care Centre on his father’s advice. He has an outstanding ability to empathise and imagine the pain of other people, read the myriad emotions lurking within patients and give them hope to live. He is what one would call a professional at diagnosis.

Tabe Mikako as Tachibana Ayumi
A neurosurgeon who works at Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. She started out as an emergency doctor. As a child, she was carefree, candid and smiled often. But some incident has turned her into a pragmatist with a cool, stoic and dry personality. She put herself through medical school on a scholarship. After graduation, she worked as an emergency doctor at Teito University Hospital but was accused of medical malpractice and could no longer practice. However, through the intervention of Naruse Tetsuji, the director of the centre, she was hired in light of the malpractice suit. She may be cool, but actually cares about patients more than others.

Tanabe Seiichi as Takagi Junji
A heart and gastroenterological surgeon who works at Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. Some incident set him on the path to be a heart surgeon, but that same incident caused him to be unable to practice as a doctor in Japan and he went to America. He obtained his medical license in America. After he returned to Japan, he found his way into the current centre. He has a simple character but also has great confidence in himself. The incident that left him no alternative but to go to America is a secret but … …

Koike Eiko as Ogiwara Yukiyo
A divorced haematologist who works at Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. She has a child but her ex-husband has custody. Her parents were business people whose business had a lot of ups and downs, but when she was in high school, her mother died of illness. Her mother’s death inspired her to be a doctor, and also the fact that it is a job at the frontline of life and death. She has a free-spirited nature, and loves gambling and alcohol.

Kitamura Yukiya as Soejima Masaomi
A neuro-ophthalmologist who works at Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. He is the eldest son of a business owner but he hates being treated like a young man from a wealthy family. When he was young, he lost his eyesight because of a cataract but regained his vision through an expensive cornea implant. That incident spurred him to become a doctor. He chose to be an ophthalmologist because he sees its business potential. He is married to the daughter of the director of a major hospital and is interested in hospital management.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Komaki Toshiaki
A professor of applied research at Teito University’s faculty of medicine and a researcher at Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. When he was a high school student, his older brother died in order to save him from a fire that broke out in their home. So he took up medical research which his brother was aiming to achieve. His marriage to his wife was an arranged marriage. She is troubled by infertility but eventually gave birth to a boy after undergoing various treatment. But his son died of illness when he was an elementary school student. However, Komaki holds faint hope of bringing his son back to life. This is related to his research … …

Hirata Mitsuru as Hatano Kunio
Hatano Takumi’s father. A former surgeon and doctor in private practice who runs Hatano Clinic. He sends Takumi to Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre.

Takashima Masahiro as Naruse Tetsuji
The director of Teito University Hospital’s Advanced Medical Care Centre. The person responsible for advocating the establishment of the centre and bring the clinical and research departments together. His passion for cutting-edge medical treatment is related to an incident in his youth. He and Hatano Takumi’s father Kunio are acquaintances.

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