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Housewife Mizusawa Asako tolerated her mother-in-law’s persistent nit-picking and let a two-generation household be established. Before long, her mother-in-law, a constant source of worry, passes away and Asako is released from the nightmare of living together under the same room. However, two years later, a fateful day arrives that would affect her life. It is the wedding ceremony of her only son Yuta and his bride Ririka, and also the day Asako debuts as mother-in-law. In the first place, both Asako and her husband Hiroyuki opposed this marriage. However, Yuta and Ririka hold their ground. A distressed Asako unthinkingly tossed living with the parents as a condition for marriage, expecting Ririka to refuse. However, reality was different. Ririka accepted this with a smile. This led to the wedding ceremony on this day. Asako resolves to be kind to Ririka, but at the same time feels a vague foreboding. Before long, the newlyweds return from their honeymoon. Asako frets about dealing with Ririka by herself, but when she starts drinking alcohol with her daughter-in-law, she chats animatedly about her problems with her late mother-in-law and husband’s history of affairs. The two of them hit it off with each other and Asako thinks that peaceful relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will be built. However, the next day, Asako, who gets out of bed with a hangover, sees that her “perfect daughter-in-law” has already tidied up and prepared breakfast. But Ririka’s behaviour makes Asako end up feeling it is a peculiar scheme. Furthermore, this is followed by an improper conversation of Ririka’s that she happens to listen in on and she gets more and more suspicious of her. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law sour as if last night’s closeness was a lie. Around that time, mysterious disappearances occur in the residential neighbourhood where they live. The atmosphere around Asako grows turbulent. And then, police detectives finally reach out to the Mizusawas … …

Kuroki Hitomi as Mizusawa Asako
Once picked on by her mother-in-law, she resolves to be kind to Ririka, the wife of her son, Yuta. However, certain behaviour by Ririka makes Asako suspicious of her background and their relationship starts to get strained. With the energy of a sleuth, Asako doggedly begins to probe Ririka’s true identity and discovers her secrets one after another. Her husband Hiroyuki shies away while her son takes sides with his wife … … Asako is on her own. “To let this daughter-in-law get her own way is to destroy the family I’ve struggled to build over 25 years!” Asako takes action and stands up against Ririka despite her fear. She does not know that an awful truth awaits her … …

Aibu Saki as Mizusawa Ririka
The Mizusawas daughter-in-law. She was saved by Mizusawa Yuta on an occasion when she was given a hard time by a guy, and they started dating. She accepts her mother-in-law’s condition of living together with a smile and becomes the Mizusawas daughter-in-law. She is cheerful, gets along with the neighbours and is also good at housework. However, beneath this lies a hidden shady background that Asako starts to notice. Although she skillfully sidesteps Asako, who has become paranoid and attempts to go up against her to protect the family, at times she displays a brutal side that grips Asako in terror.

Ishida Junichi as Mizusawa Hiroyuki
Mizusawa Asako’s husband. The public relations manager at a movie company. He is big-hearted and well-liked by everyone but there is also a side of him that takes advantage of people to get ahead in his career and there are people in the company who hostile to him. While he enjoys the active pursuit of a female subordinate right now, he is deeply hooked. His approach to family problems is “peace at any price” but the outbreak of the battle between Asako and Ririka sparks various family problems surface. Although he bands together with his son, they are no match against them as matters stand now. Before long, dark clouds hang over his good life.

Kaku Tomohiro as Mizusawa Yuta
The only son of Mizusawa Asako and Hiroyuki. Ririka’s husband. Unlike his father, he is “good-natured”, tactless and cannot lie. He has been working as a contract employee at an interior company after graduating from university. He happens to meet Ririka on one occasion, is attracted to her liveliness and independence, and they get married. However, the battle between his mother and wife heats up because they live under the same roof with his parents. Despite solidarity with his father, he loses sight of who he is as he worries about the escalating fight … …

Daichi Yasuo as Kuretake Jiro
A non-career detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division who has worked his way up the ranks. He used to tenaciously investigate big criminal cases and was a competent detective with a high arrest rate. However, these days he is always drinking and peevish. Now he is secretly called “product of the past” by young detectives he has got on the wrong side of. However, as he investigates the mysterious disappearances in the residential neighbourhood where the Mizusawa Asako lives, he for some reason has an unusual fixation on the Mizusawas.

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