Nobunaga no Chef Season 1


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Fridays, 11.15 p.m. – 12.15 a.m. from 11 January 2013

TV Asahi

The restaurant where Ken, a French chef in present day Japan, works is engulfed in flames. When he regains consiousness, he finds himself in Kyoto in the Sengoku era. Embroiled in a sudden fight and mistaken for spies, Ken’s buddies are slain in front of him but he is saved by the swordsmith Natsu. Waking up in Natsu’s home, he is confused by his circumstances. He has lost his memory and does not know who he is and why he has gone back in time. The only thing he remembers is his cooking skills … … Ken is concealed in Natsu’s house for the time being. Then, men who have escaped from the battlefield turn up to ask for something to eat. One of the soldiers, an ape-looking man, demands a meal of eel. Inspired by the word, Ken skillfully prepares a delicious dish that amazes Natsu and the men. At that moment, enemy soldiers appear. Ken and the rest are in danger of being killed when they are saved in the nick of time by a lone samurai. This man is Oda Nobunaga who was prominent in the Sengoku era. And the ape-looking man who first came to Natsu’s house is Kinoshita Tokichiro, the future Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Several days later, Oda Nobunaga orders Ken to compete with the chef Inoue in cooking. “I’ll kill the loser,” Nobunaga declares.

Tamamori Yuta as Ken
A French chef who goes back in time to the Sengoku era. He loses his memory but retains his knowledge of Japanese history and cuisine, and guesses that his work in the present day is related to cooking. He meets Oda Nobunaga through a strange turn of events and ends up serving as his chef.

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Oda Nobunaga
A Sengoku era general with foresight and charisma. He wages war under the pretext of unifying the nation and works towards his ideal of a country. However, in order to achieve his goal, he realises that cannot just use military force. He banks on using Ken’s culinary skills to solve political problems.

Shida Mirai as Natsu
A young swordsmith. She saves Ken while he is on the brink of death and follows him when he becomes Oda Nobunaga’s chef. Although she works under Ken as his apprentice, she has to disguise as a male because females are barred from the general’s kitchen.

Kashii Yu as Mysterious woman
A woman who appears in flashbacks that Ken has every now and then.

Inagaki Goro as Akechi Mitshide
Oda Nobunaga’s vassal. In history, he later attacked his lord in the famous Honnoji Incident just as Nobunaga was about to dominate the whole country, but … … He shows an interest in Ken who says he has come from the future, and tries to find out something.

Cunning Takeyama as Tokugawa Ieyasu
A military commander allied with Oda Nobunaga. However he starts to feel distrustful of Nobunaga’s haughty ways.

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