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A high yen, Euro debt crisis and the rise of South Korea and China. As Japan’s manufacturing industry is thrown into turmoil, Takumi Electronics, a big home appliances manufacturer, is plunged into bankruptcy and has just three months left. Its sales department manager Yahagi Atsushi, who had set numerous TV sales records in the past, secretly sets up a “restructuring strategy team” at the command of the company chairman Yuzurihara Saburo in order to avert bankruptcy. Seven specialists including finance section manager Kakinuma Tsuneo and the manager of the main factory Nishiyama Keigo are gathered and decide to gamble the company’s fate on the most advanced lithium ion battery for electric vehicles. However, the Chinese company Laishe, steals Takumi Electronics’ technology and even takes away the contract with Yamato Motors. Yahagi and Kakinuma travel to China to demand 500 billion yen in compensation, but the person who appears before them is Sakoda Takahiro, a former colleague and one-time ally of Yahagi. He moved to this startup company after being laid off by Takumi Electronics during the financial crisis eight years ago. And now, he is the head of the technology department at Laishe. Using his own lithium battery technology as a weapon, he challenges the global market through this emerging Chinese company. That is also a declaration of hostilities against the man who once discarded him. In a cross-border fight over technology ownership, the two companies start to clash … …

Karasawa Toshiaki as Yahagi Atsushi
Sales Department Manager, Takumi Electronics. He has been in sales ever since he joined the company. He set numerous TV sales records. Taking on the position of manager among his peers, he shoulders the responsibility for the continually declining sales results because of the recession. He takes chances with the instincts and agression of a gambler, but because he is unbending in his convictions he has made enemies and also causes discord in the family. In the company’s current crisis, he secretly establishes a restructuring strategy team following the special mission given to him by the company chairman. He spearheads Takumi Electronics’ restructuring and gambles the company’s fate on a lithium ion battery for electric vehicles.

Takahashi Katsumi as Sakoda Takahiro
Yahagi Atsushi’s former colleague. Although he was in a different division, he got along well with Yahagi who joined the company at the same time, and together, they created hit products. However, as the head of the losss making Development Department during the economic crisis eight years ago, he was laid off by Yahagi. Now the head of the technology department at Laishe, he stands in the way of Yahagi who has been tasked with restructuring Takumi Electronics.

Yoshioka Hidetaka as Kakinuma Tsuneo
Finance Section Manager, Takumi Electronics. He experienced bankruptcy at the life insurance company he used to work at. He supports the company in financial matters and has a keen sense for the movement of money. He is thought of as a clever person, but like Yahagi Atsushi, he passionately works hard to try to stave off the company’s bankruptcy. He is Yahagi Atsushi’s right-hand man in the restructuring strategy team.

Kunimura Jun as Nishiyama Keigo
Chief Engineer and Factory Manager, Takumi Electronics. A veteran who has come from a factory floor that is even famous within the company. He used to be Sakoda Takahiro’s boss. He has an old-fashioned way of thinking but has the trust of his subordinates. He is the only person from the engineering side to join the restructuring team in this crisis.

Otsuka Nene as Yahagi Mihoko
Yahagi Atsushi’s wife. An instructor at a cooking school. She married Yahagi because she was attracted to his capability as a salesman, but work comes first and he cares little about the family. They are now on the brink of divorce.

Sakai Miki as Kakinuma Hiromi
Kakinuma Tsuneo’s wife. She suffers from a heart condition and is eight months pregnant with their first child. She has fortitude and offers her husband, who is troubled by work, emotional support.

Kanai Yuta as Negoro Shoichi
Business News Reporter, Toa Newspaper. He tenaciously pursues the tip on Takumi Electronics’ bankruptcy. He learns of some hidden secret while gathering materials for the story.

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Yuzurihara Keiichiro
Second generation company president, Takumi Electronics. As his father’s successor, he has studied how to be a good leader since young and obtains a MBA. However, he cannot attempt drastic reform because he feels inferior to his father, and agonises over the company’s impending bankruptcy.

Kishibe Ittoku as Yuzurihara Saburo
Company chairman and founder, Takumi Electronics. The godfather of Japan’s manufacturing industry. He rode the wave of high economic growth after the war, and built Takumi Electronics into a big home appliances manufacturer. He created many hit products and achieved success as a charismatic businessman. However, in the wake of Takumi Electronics’ bankrupty crisis, he secretly gets Yahagi Atsushi to set up a restructuring team.


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