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Komoriya Hako committed a crime to support the man she truly loved and was given a seven-year prison sentence. In prison, she got to know Eguchi Ayaka, who had killed her husband in order to protect their son from domestic violence, and a strong bond developed between the two of them. Then Ayaka left prison. Three months later when Hako is released after serving her sentence, it is Ayaka and not Hako’s family that comes to meet her. Hako cannot go back to her family home and ends up living in her late grandmother’s house in Yanaka. Ayaka rents a home nearby. In contrast to Ayaka who enjoys walking through the bustling shopping streets, Hako is frightened of crowds. Ayaka encourages Hako to live a normal life. Hako had drugged a man she met through an online dating site and stolen money from him to get money for the host club that she frequented. Arrested when she was a university student, Hako has come out of prison still ignorant of the world and constantly tormented by her memories of the crime. On the other hand, Ayaka works at a bakery in Yanaka. Although she repeatedly makes mistakes, she acts cheerful in front of Hako, cooks meals and takes her out shopping. Even though Hako and Ayaka have been forsaken by their families and are burdened by the past, the two of them try to embrace their new lives in Yanaka. But one night, Hako’s younger brother Naoyuki comes to visit and puts pressure on her, “I’m getting married so I would like to remove you from the family register … …”

Ueto Aya as Komoriya Hako
When she was a university student, she drugged and robbed a person in order to support the first man she loved. It was too late when she found out that he was a host. She was given a seven-year sentence. After her release from prison, she only receives a small house in Yanaka where her grandmother lived in retirement and is abandoned by her family. She is inexperienced in the ways of the world and has a reserved personality. Although she intends not to have anything to do with world as much as possible, she is encouraged by the support and cheerfulness of Eguchi Ayaka whom she met in jail, and gradually begins to open up.

Iijima Naoko as Eguchi Ayaka
She was forced to kill her husband in order to protect their only son Tomoki from repeated domestic abuse. Sentenced to five years in prison, she meets Komoriya Hako while serving time and regains her desire to live because of Hako. She is released from prison earlier than Hako. Deciding not to meet Tomoki, who is being raised by her husband’s parents, she gets a job at a bakery shop in Yanaka where Hako plans to live so that they can lead their lives together. She appears big-hearted but actually has a sensitive nature. She worries about Hako who became her good friend in prison, and cannot leave her alone.

Saito Takumi as Iwase Keita
A part-time worker at a convenience store who has his sights set on becoming a street performer in juggling and magic. He meets Komoriya Hako by chance and falls madly in love with her without knowing about her past.

Daito Shunsuke as Komoriya Naoyuki
Komoriya Hako’s younger brother. The heir to the family business ‘Komoriya’. He is about to get married when Hako gets out of jail. He presses her to affix her seal on the segregation from family register notification papers.

Maeda Gin as Oshiba Fumihiko
Eguchi Ayaka’s father. A fisherman in Toyama Prefecture. His wife died early and he raised Ayaka and her younger sister, Kotomi, on his own.

Enami Kyoko as Iikura Sachiko
A resident at the home for the aged where Eguchi Ayaka volunteers. She treats Ayaka harshly for some reason, but … …

Asano Atsuko as Komoriya Taeko
Komoriya Hako’s mother. The company president of the long-established Japanese confectionery store ‘Komoriya’. She takes pride in the fact that even though she was busy with business, she did not neglect raising her children and cannot forgive Hako because she feels that her daughter’s crime is a repudiation of her own life. While Hako was serving time in prison, her husband passed away and she decided to cast her off in order to protect the store.

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