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One day, magazine reporter Nitta Hayato breaks the news that “I have an older sister that I have not met”, at the end of an article written about the presence of baby hatches for unwanted newborns. It is the first article with his name in the byline. Six years ago, his mother died. After that, his father passed away too. At the funeral service for his mother, he learnt of the existence of his sister. He was told that she was left at the back entrance of the hospital as a newborn because his parents had a hard life. After the article is published, he is flooded with enquiries from females claiming to be his sister and his boss Hamada Naomi warns him not to be fooled by them. Several days later, a beautiful woman identifying herself as Nitta’s older sister suddenly appears before him. Her name is Amihama Saki. Saki says she works as a nurse at Konan General Hospital’s department of pediatrics. While Nitta cannot immediately believe that she is his sister, they engage in a conversation so that he can determine the truth. There are points that do not mesh, but as Saki talks about her background and it corroborates with what Nitta already knows, Nitta becomes better acquainted with her and starts to feel that she might actually be his sister. At that moment, a man appears in front of the two of them and forcibly tries to take Saki away. He is Nakagawa, a former Konan General Hospital patient. She somehow escapes from him, but Nitta worries that Saki is a victim of stalking and promises to introduce her to a lawyer friend, Nomura Kosuke, the famous, squeaky clean human rights lawyer. However, Saki is a femme fatale who will use the diabolical charm she was born with to wrap men like Nitta, Nomura and Sudo Shigeyuki, Konan General Hospital’s hospital director who is a devoted husband and family man, around her finger. Those targetted by her are unknowingly at her mercy and set on the path of destruction.

Nakama Yukie as Amihama Saki
A nurse at Konan General Hospital’s pediatrics department. She lives alone in Tokyo and her hometown is a provincial town. The exquisiteness of her conduct is astonishing. Cooking is her hobby and she is a professional at it. Because she is good at reading people’s nuances, she penetrates their psyche.

Miura Shohei as Nitta Hayato
A reporter at a major magazine publisher. He has lived alone ever since his parents passed away years ago. While his parents were certainly not wealthy, they were close. Seeing that as he grew up made him appreciate family ties more than others. At his mother’s funeral service, he was told that he has an elder sister who was separated from the family and starts to search for news on this elder sister who might be Amihama Saki.

Uchida Yuki as Hamada Naomi
Nitta Hayato’s boss. She is like an elder sister to him. As a journalist, a female and Nitta’s sister, she feels increasing distrust of Amihama Saki.

Shonozaki Ken as Kazushige
An employee at a wine shop that Amihama Saki frequents and they become acquaintances. He secretly likes her.

Hagiwara Masato as Nomura Kosuke
A respected human rights lawyer. He is a person of integrity and a hero of justice. Nitta Hayato even receives assistance in his work. He meets Amihama Saki through consultation she seeks on a stalker and gives advice to her.

Takashima Masanobu as Sudo Shigeyuki
The director of Konan General Hospital where Amihama Saki works at. He takes good care of the hospital staff and at home he is a loving family man to his wife and son.

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