Ooku ~ Eien ~ Emonnosuke . Tsunayoshi-hen


In theatres on 22 December 2012

Official Website

30 years have passed since the birth of a world in which the roles of men and women are reversed. It is now the Genroku period at the height of the reign of the talented and beautiful fifth shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. The shogunate prides itself on the unprecedented prosperity achieved under Tsunayoshi’s rule. However, the death of her only daughter Matsuhime and the full attention she starts to give to begetting an heir, sparks a bitter factional struggle in the inner palace among her empress and concubines that comes to the surface. The tricks and plots of menservants also unfold … … Meanwhile a poor court noble known for his exceptional brilliance arrives from the capital and enters the inner palace. He is Emonnosuke. Emonnosuke adeptly navigates through the power struggle. Working his way into Tsunayoshi’s favour, he wins her trust with extraordinary ambition and wit, and gradually gains power as the chamberlain of the inner palace. On the other hand, Tsunayoshi, who couples with the men of the inner palace each night but shows no sign of getting pregnant, is tormented by loneliness and insecurity in a place swirling with intrigue surrounding the status of the father of the next shogun. Obeying her deeply deluded father Keishoin, she issues an order to have sympathy for living things but the country only descends into turmoil. In the midst of this, Tsunayoshi is made sport of by fate and even loses the will to live. The person who reaches out to her is Emonnosuke who has been keeping watch over her without being noticed. It has been decades since their first meeting. A man who lives for power more than love and a female shogun who lives with the destiny of being a Tokugawa finally establish an emotional bond. Will peace be able to make a return to this world again?

* Sakai Masato as Emonnosuke
* Kanno Miho as Tokugawa Tsunayoshi
* Ono Machiko as Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu
* Emoto Tasuku as Akimoto
* Kaname Jun as Debei
* Kiriyama Ren as Oosuke
* Ryusei Ryo as Shinsuke
* Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Sanosuke
* Kaku Tomohiro as Nakamura
* Nagae Yuki as Saito
* Miura Takahiro as Asanuma
* Ichige Yoshie as Makino Bingo-no-Kaminarisada
* Enoki Takaaki as Aguri
* Yuki Saori as Minase Gonchuuna Gonujinobu
* Sakai Masaaki as Ryuko
* Kudo Kankuro as Nobuhira
* Nishida Toshiyuki as Keishoin
* Tanaka Koki as Gyokuei

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