Fuji TV Drama Special 2012 ~ Jikenya Kagyou

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 7 December 2012
Cast: Terao Akira, Sato Eriko, Nagayama Kento, Hirose Alice, Miyaji Mao, Tanaka Takushi, Shiratori Kumiko, Mashima Hidekazu, Mickey Curtis, Takenaka Naoto, Sano Shiro
Synopsis: Fukamachi Jotaro (Terao Akira) is a middle aged private investigator who still has affection for his disenchanted ex-wife, Sumiko. He has rented a unit from the beautiful dentist Sugimoto Reiko (Sato Eriko) and opened an office. It is in the same building where Reiko runs her clinic. Fukamachi is a jack of all trades and because he always gets a paltry fee, he is constantly short of money. One night, Shirakawa Hideo (Mickey Curtis), a homeless man living under a bridge, has a dream of an old woman’s dead body in a wheelchair. A man is standing rooted to the spot beside her but he cannot see the face. Shirakawa suddenly awakens and realises that he has broken out in sweat. Meanwhile, Fukamachi is told by his only daughter Kawashima Kaori (Hirose Alice) that she has introduced someone who would like an investigation. The next day, Fukamachi and Gotoda Masaharu (Takenaka Naoto), whom Fukamachi usually helps behind the scenes in investigations, wait for this client. An old man with a tattered paperbag soon arrives. He is Shirakawa. When Kaori introduces Shirakawa as a homeless man whom she met through her volunteer activities, her father’s attitude suddenly changes and he loses enthusiasm, but he listens to Shirakawa’s request to pass a letter to the son of a an estranged relative. Then, Fukamachi is shown the stack of money inside the paper bag and shows great readiness to take on this task. On the other hand, Gotoda finds that Shirakawa looks familiar … … The famous lawyer Mizuno Shinichi (Mashima Hidekazu) is identified as Shirakawa’s relative. Fukamachi tries to visit his law firm but is not ushered in. On the way back, he notices a young man (Nagayama Kento) shadowing his daughter at the train station. Fukamachi hands him over to Gotoda. However, an investigation reveals that the man, Onishi Yuji, is the son of one of the top men of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Gotoda gets flustered. It turns out that Onishi is Kaori’s boyfriend. He tailed her because he suspected her of having a fling. Fukamachi gets the idea to use Onishi’s father’s name and succeeds in getting an appointment with Mizuno with this topdown style. He presents Shirakawa’s letter to Mizuno. However, Mizuno insists that he is mistaken and makes no attempt to accept the letter. Deciding that he needs to know Shirakawa’s background to pull off this task, Fukamachi asks Gotoda for help but is immediately rejected. It turns out from a conversation with Gotoda that Shirakawa was sentenced to jail for the murder of a wealthy Shimoda old woman 28 years ago. Feeling uncomfortable about Shirakawa’s unexpected past, Fukamachi looks him up at his makeshift shack the next day. Fukamachi gets no reply when he calls from the outside, and discovers Shirakawa has been stabbed in the chest with a knife … …
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