Tokyo Airport ~ Tokyo Kuukou Kanseihoanbu


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Sundays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 14 October 2012

Fuji TV

Feeling a mix of nervousness, excitement and anxiety on the eve of her first day of work, Shinoda Kaori, a new air traffic controller, heads for Haneda Airport to offer her greetings and make a preliminary inspection. Kaori had originally been a ground staff at the airport with an ambition to become an air traffic controller who directs aircrafts of all airlines, but an incident spurred her to resign and take the national exam. After completing rigorous training at the air navigation security college, she was assigned to Haneda Airport’s Air Traffic Control Centre as an air traffic controller. Arriving at the control tower, Kaori watches her busy seniors as she speaks with the lead air traffic controller, Yuki Noboru. It suddenly gets noisy in the room. There is a possibility that a bird is caught in the engine of an aircraft that has just taken off. Senior air traffic controller Takeuchi Yumi, who was quick to notice this, promptly contacts all related parties including the pilot and starts to make preparations in the event that the aircraft needs to turn back. At the same time, she issues instructions to the aircrafts circling in the airspace above Haneda Airport and gets them to land one after another. Before long, the aircraft that turned back lands safely. The air traffic controllers feel relieved. As Kaori anticipates, the ground staff at the arrival gate are busy handling the disembarking passengers. She reports on the first day of work and is introduced to the members during a briefing. Yumi, who is to be Kaori’s mentor, takes Kaori out of the room and walks in the opposite direction of the control tower. She has brought a bewildered Kaori to the simulator room. In the simulator, Kaori considers cost as she issues precise instructions, but Yumi asserts that it is not the job of an air traffic controller to think of cost and orders her to repeat the same scenario again. On a day following consecutive days of intensive simulator training, a frustrated Kaori is handed the day’s weather data by Yumi. It is finally time to put into practice what she has learnt. Entering the air traffic control tower, a delighted Kaori sits with Yumi and gives instructions to the aircraft, but a careless mistake takes an aircraft one step short of an accident … …

Fukada Kyoko as Shinoda Kaori
A rookie air traffic controller. After graduating from university, she chose to become a ground staff at the airport, but some incident triggered her aspiration to be an air traffic controller. Her unusual background as a former ground staff and enthusiasm attracts the attention of everyone. She is an anomaly among the other air traffic controllers for her tendency to rush out of the air control tower and do field work.

Sasaki Nozomi as Sakai Mana
An air traffic controller. She thinks the job of an air traffic controller is desk work from the words ‘civil servant’, ‘language study’ and ‘useful’ generated in her internet search. Her first workplace when she became an air traffic controller was Haneda Airport and she has just finished on-the-job training. She is basically a bright, positive person, but maybe it is because she has returned to Japan from Indonesia that there are often times differences in her way of thinking. Everyone is fond of her because of her lovable personality.

Kaname Jun as Kondo Yukihiro
A senior air traffic controller. After graduating from high school, he became an air traffic controller. After working at the Fukuoka Air Traffic Control Centre and local airports like Hachijo, Shizuoka and Ibaraki, he was assigned to Haneda Airport five years ago. He has two children aged 5 and 2, but is separated from his wife who is now an air traffic controller at Narita Airport. He has a hands-on approach and is emotional. He is proud that he is protecting aircrafts.

Seto Koji as Yamashita Yuji
An air traffic controller. He dreamed of being an air traffic controller since he was in elementary school. After that, he got engrossed in baseball, but gave up the idea of a career in baseball at the time of his high school graduation. He made his dream of being an air traffic controller come true. The cheerful livewire of the team. He can get heated up at times because of his youth.

Seto Asaka as Takeuchi Yumi
A senior air traffic controller and training supervisor. She is put in charge of Shinoda Kaori. A veteran air traffic controller who has also worked at NASA in the US, she is highly skilled and always cool and collected. She studies a lot about Haneda Airport’s air traffic control. As a female air traffic controller, she has blazed a trail. The mother of a child, she is instinctively protective and this occasionally affects her work.

Tokito Saburo as Yuki Noboru
The lead air traffic controller. A seasoned air traffic controller who has worked at various airports. Two years ago, he was at Tokyo Air Traffic Control Centre. After that, he even transferred to the Ministry of of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. He was not liked by his superior and got posted to Haneda Airport’s Air Traffic Control. His wife has passed away and he raised their daughter single-handedly. She is now a university student. He understands Shinoda Kaori well. He is committed in everything. Although he is a boss who is typically good-natured, he can be counted on when the going gets tough. He is the type who is good at seeing the whole picture and protecting his subordinates.


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