Hana no Zubora Meshi


Official Website

Tuesdays, 12.55 – 1.25 a.m. from 23 October 2012


30-year-old housewife Komazawa Hana thinks of her beloved husband, Goro, who is working away from home, as she leads a life that is a wee bit sloppy. Because she loves to eat but detests housework, other than the times when Goro returns home, she has a messy, carefree life. What Hana looks forward to making and eating is fuss-free, delicious meals everyday. When she is hungry, she would open the rice cooker, but there is no rice … … Looking at the untidy apartment and reflecting on herself, Hana grows irritable about her life, but each time she eats these simple meals, she would moan in happiness and get her strength back to get through the day. … …

* Kurashina Kana as Komazawa Hana
* Kato Shigeaki as Osoi
* Kikuchi Akiko as Mizuki
* Nonami Maho as Ono
* Hamano Kenta as Koenji
* Yamanaka Takashi as Gasuketsu
* Kojima Kazuya as Jikkyo Hayai
* Tsukaji Muga as Ucchi
* Shiga Kotaro as Hana’s father

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