Koisuru Hae Onna


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Tuesdays, 10.55 – 11.25 p.m. from 6 November 2012


Komori Emi is an ordinary elementary school teacher in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. She has a passive attitude in everything, cannot say what she wants and dreams that a perfect man like Peter Pan will appear and take her away with him to another world. In fact, she is making no headway in her job, romance and life. Accused of denouncing her young charges as idiots during the preparation for a theatrical show, Emi is taken to task at a special Parent Teacher Association meeting and forced into suspension from work. Furthermore, she is dumped by her fiance and fellow teacher, Takagi Seiya. She has hit the lowest point in her life. Her only comfort is Twitter and SNS where she gives vent to her complaints anonymously and takes solace from the replies. As usual, Emi posts her gripes on the internet message board. A mysterious man replies with nasty responses. “You are a fly! If your superiors and fiance are shit, you are a fly crawling over that shit!” It feels like the man knows everything about her and his words terrify Emi. “You are only a fly buzzing around a fan. Listen to me if you want to change your life.” Having sought out Emi’s particulars and posts from the internet, the man makes contact and proceeds to coax her to listen to him if she wants to change her life. At that moment at Nagata-cho, an opposition lawmaker fabricates a scandal on Prime Minister Fujimaki’s mistress … …

* Mimura as Komori Emi
* Kakei Toshio as Yaegashi Shuji
* Kawaoka Daijiro as Takagi Seiya
* Izumi Rika as Mita Arisa
* Ogata Issei as Prime Minister Fujimaki Yoshiro
* Otake Takashi as Principal Shigeta
* Kimura Shonosuke as Curriculum Director Tabata
* Aoki Sayaka as Uchimura Kyoko
* Nukumizu Yoichi as Komori Tetsuro
* Kojima Noriko as Komori Kanako
* Kosuda Yasuto as Matsuo Taisuke

Click here for pictures from the press conference.

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