Priceless ~ Aruwakenedaro, nnanmon!


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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 22 October 2012

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Kindaichi Fumio, the section chief of Miracle Thermos’ Business Development Department, is loved by his juniors and colleagues and trusted by his superiors. Because of his character, the difficult business negotiations that he is pulled into often work out well … … One day, the company president Oyashiki Iwao passes away in the office and the company is told through the public address system that his son Toichiro will take over his role. On the verge of drawing his last breath, Oyashiki told Toichiro something that made his son’s eyes widen at those last words. That unexpected fact is … … After the transition of power to the next generation, adversity befalls Kindaichi. He is suddenly called before a disciplinary panel. Accused of taking extremely confidential information out of the company, he is dismissed from Miracle Thermos like a criminal. Kindaichi’s boss Moai Kengo asks him what he has done and a shocked Kindaichi insists on his innocence, but no one believes him. Moai questions his superiors about the matter which is something Kindaichi would not have done. However, he is told that he should keep quiet for his own good and is unable to pursue it further. At the company’s accounts department is Nikaido Aya whose greatest purpose is to line up 0 yen in the unidentified money column. By following up on unknown points in documents, this woman, who ought to have no connection to Kindaichi … … Kindaichi not only loses his job, but also his house and his handphone which is his only mode of communication until he is without a cent to his name. At his wits end, he dejectedly comes to a park to spend the night and encounters two young brothers Kanta and Ryota on the street. They were the children that Kindaichi had given money to the other day for the train fare they had lost. Learning that he had been cheated of his money, Kindaichi presses them to return it to him … …

Kimura Takuya as Kindaichi Fumio
Section Chief of Miracle Thermos’ Business Development. Because he is cheerful and quick-witted, he is trusted and loved by his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. A fan of the Hiroshima Carp. He was raised single-handedly by his mother. One day, he is given a disciplinary discharge by the company for something that he knows nothing about. On top of that, he loses his apartment and handphone, and is almost penniless. At that moment, he gets acquainted with two brothers of elementary school-going age … …

Nakai Kiichi as Moai Kengo
Head of Miracle Thermos’ Business Development Department. He has a wife and daughter who attends high school. He likes to play it safe and is a tremendously inconspicuous presence at the company. This matter concerns him a little. He questions Kindaichi Fumio’s dismissal, but makes an effort not to pry too much. Furthermore, even if he knows the truth … …

Karina as Nikaido Aya
An employee at Miracle Thermos’ Accounting Division. Because of her meticulous nature, she cannot permit even a mismatch of 1 yen in the accounting work that she is in charge of. In fact, this personality stems from her upbringing. She has no relationship with Kindaichi Fumio, except the connection through her accounting work.

Nakamura Atsuo as Oyashiki Iwao
The company president of Miracle Thermos. An outstanding businessman who built up the company in one generation. The words he left for his son at his death causes a controversy.

Fujiki Naohito as Oyashiki Toichiro
The vice president of Miracle Thermos. Following the death of his father, Oyashiki Iwao, he took over his position as company president. He has tough and ruthless management policies. He goes after Kindaichi Fumio and tosses him out for some reason. He is greatly affected by the words his father said just before he died.



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