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“Don’t worry, mother. I’m going to Tokyo.” 19-year-old Saeki Urara leaves behind a farewell letter to her mother Sayuri and boards a late-night highway bus bound for Tokyo. The day before was her nineteenth birthday and Sayuri had revealed that the father Urara had thought dead, is actually alive and she is carried away by an impulse to meet him. While Urara is grateful to her mother for raising her single-handedly after the divorce 15 years ago, she resolves to live in Tokyo, the glittering metropolis that she admires. Withdrawing the 620,000 yen that constitutes her entire savings, she leaves her hometown of Kagawa. Her father Suzuki Takuya lives in Tokyo, but she has not intention of depending on him. The next morning, Urara arrives in Tokyo. But not long after, she discovers that the envelope containing the 620,000 yen is missing from her bag. She suspects that it was Tamakawa Daisuke whom she met on the bus and recounted her story to, but his purpose seems to merely be to pick her up. At her wits end, Urara is introduced by Serizawa Hanako, whom she met at the Shimokitazawa flea market, to a shady man. The man who holds out 20,000 yen and declares “Buy pants” to a stunned Urara is her father whom she is seeing again for the first time in 15 years!

Takei Emi as Saeki Urara
A high school graduate who has just come to Tokyo from her hometown of Kagawa Prefecture. On her 19th birthday, she learnt that her father whom she thought dead is living in Tokyo, and she cannot help but go up to the big metropolis. In any case, one of the reasons is that she wanted to come to this vibrant place. Her parents divorced when she was 3, and she was raised single-handedly by her mother who runs a beauty salon. Although she cares for her mother, her declaration that she has no intention to take over the beauty salon disappointed her. She is cute and has a positive, bright personality, but she is the foolhardy sort that spins around in circles.

Watabe Atsuro as Suzuki Takuya
Saeki Urara’s biological father. A lawyer. He set up a law firm in Tokyo’s Minato district and is primarily a legal advisor to companies. 15 years ago, he divorced Urara’s mother, Sayuri, while he was waiting for another chance to get accepted to law school. Although he is a competent advocate, in private, he is free with his money and an unfaithful womaniser. He tries to act cool, but in spite of himself, his good nature comes out and he appears to be deceived by women. In other words, he is a hopeless man. His private life is thrown into confusion by the appearance of Urara, but deep in his heart, he loves her as her father … … he should.

Miura Shohei as Tamakawa Daisuke
A part-time worker who lives in Tokyo. He had pursued his one-time girlfriend from Tokyo to Takamatsu, was dumped again. He meets Saeki Urara on the late-night highway bus bound for Tokyo and falls in love with her at first sight. However, after he learns of Urara’s annoying personality he gets a little sick and tired of her. Even so, he is a good guy who watches out for her in Tokyo. Because his father is a man of considerable wealth, he is not hard up for money, does not even need to work and lives in a shared-house for foreigners. He lives half-heartedly, but starts to realise that not having a dream for the future is his greatest weakness.

Higa Manami as Serizawa Hanako
A struggling model from Aomori Prefecture. She came up to Tokyo seven years ago with her sights set on becoming a model. She is now 26 but is still chasing that dream. Although she is an event companion and model for newspaper foldouts and catalogues, she cannot survive on that alone. And so she sells clothes at a flea market on her days off. Part of her realises that she is almost at the peak of her modelling career but she refuses to acknowledge it. She meets Suzuki Takuya through a client and sponges off him. However, she and Saeki Urara hit it off as female pals.

Tsukamoto Takashi as Sakurai Koichi
Suzuki Takuya’s assistant. He divorced two years ago and has to raise a 4-year-old daughter while working to pass the bar exam. A strait-laced person who rarely opens his heart to others. He is tight-lipped and also very loyal. He was hired as a lawyer’s assistant by Suzuki on that strength, but he makes a slip of the tongue to Saeki Urara before he even realises it. He is envious of the raffish Suzuki and forces himself to live stoically until he passes the exam.

Horiuchi Keiko as Saeki Sayuri
Saeki Urara’s mother. A beautician. She has been raising Urara on her own after she divorced Suzuki Takuya 15 years ago. Urara’s departure from home was something that she had counted on, but still she worries about her daughter. She frets that Urara will run to her father’s place in Tokyo.

Ichikawa Yui as Okuno Fuyu
A fitness instructor at the sports gym that Suzuki Takuya goes to. One of the females who live off him. The mother of a child, but she has been enjoying life as a single mother after her divorce. She is not that in need of money, but is playful and spendthrift.

Mori Kanna as Kubo Haruka
The female proprietress of the club that Suzuki Takuya is a regular at. She is also one of the females who live off him. She is a no-nonsense, frosty person but is good at fawning on him.

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