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Born into a family of general practitioners, Miyama Shizuku initially aspired to be get into the faculty of medicine in place of her unintellectual twin brother to please her father. However, her father told her, “I have no expectations of you, a female!” Vowing to become a doctor no matter what it takes, Shizuku enrolled in the faculty on a scholarship without any financial assistance from her parents. She passed the national exam and after being moved around to a number of diagnosis and treatment departments at Seirin University Hospital as a first-year houseman, she is assigned to the accident and emergency centre, the frontline of emergency medical care, for a three-month training along with Yazawa Kei, Manaka Junichi, Koiwai Hinako, Shinjo Sachi. Their skilled and experienced mentors Miyajima Kazuki, Tabuchi Ikuo and Kasumi Yayoi do not regard housemen as doctors. Before going to work on the first day of training, Shizuku’s friend Utsumi complains of a stomachache and collapses. Shizuku, who accompanies her and arrives for work in an ambulance, is overwhelmed by the work of her mentors. Put on duty from day one, Shizuku is ordered by Yayoi to treat Natsuki, a regular emergency patient who attempted suicide. However, she has a tough time with the violent Natsuki and is unable to treat her. So she gets a stern rebuke from Yayoi. But what follows is a relentless stream of patients being brought into the centre. At that moment, Shizuku once again keenly feels that she cannot go on with just willpower … …

Naka Riisa as Miyama Shizuku
A first-year houseman assigned to Seirin University Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre. Her hobby is kick boxing. If she has time, she will go to the gym to let off steam with some sparring. Her father is a general practitioner and she has a younger twin brother. Her ambition is to be a doctor and take over the hospital, but her father is against it. And so, she becomes a student at the faculty of medicine through a scholarship. She hates to lose and is an obstinate person, but is disconcerted by the difference between how she pictured the medical practice and the reality of the situation.

Hayashi Kento as Yazawa Kei
A first-year houseman assigned to Seirin University Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre. On the surface, he is cool and uninterested in others. The most outstanding of the five housemen assigned to the accident and emergency centre. He works harder than anyone else, and considers his medical knowledge to be superior to everyone else’s. Although he abhors Manaka Junichi who is his complete opposite, he unknowingly finds himself forced to adjust to the pace of the sociable Junichi.

Masuda Takahisa as Manaka Junichi
A first-year houseman assigned to Seirin University Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre. The heir of Manaka Hospital which has passed from generation to generation. Although he has lived life without doubting that he would become a doctor, he is faced with the harshness of being a houseman and is troubled by the pressure. He is well-bred, gentle-mannered, amiable, positive and truly committed in everything. While there is a side of him that is unreliable, he has in a sense, a laid-back personality, strong in the face of criticism or adversity.

Omasa Aya as Oiwai Hinako
A first-year houseman assigned to Seirin University Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre. She has been a high-achieving student since young and always must be number one in everything. She does not have strong determination to be a doctor. In any case, if she were to enroll, she would prefer the most difficult course, and she passes without difficulty. Because of her creed “to be a woman before being a doctor”, she honestly wants to be done with the bothersome housemanship quickly.

Ishibashi Anna as Shinjo Sachi
A first-year houseman assigned to Seirin University Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre. When she was a child, she dreamt of becoming a dressmaker of Western clothes, but some incident spurs her to aspire to be a doctor. “Become a doctor and save peoples’ lives”. This sense of mission is stronger than anyone else. She works extra hard in an effort to become a doctor more quicly than others. She is sensitive to death and thinks she must not get used to it. Because of her a thoughtful, stoic personality, she cannot reject others. Although that stoicness is alarming, her earnestness to be a doctor becomes an inspiration to Miyama Shizuku.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Miyajima Kazuki
A cardiovascular surgeon. He is the backbone of the Accident and Emergency Centre with his levelheaded judgment and steady hands. He is brusque and has a bad mouth, and always tells the housemen to “watch and learn”. Although he is severe in his attitude, “We don’t need people who have cannot do if if not taught every single thing”. There are times when there is a glimpse of his humanity. While he says “I only need a person who can step in and do a good job”, why does he offer to be Miyama Shizuku’s supervisory doctor?

Furuta Arata as Tabuchi Ikuo
A surgeon with many specialisations including plastic surgery. He always gets through situations on the ground with a lighthearted mood to manage the stress of the rough medical setting that is the accident and emergency centre. The most senior of the three doctors at the accident and emergency centre, he takes a step back because he acknowledges the skills of his two colleagues.

Terajima Susumu as Miyama Katsumi
Miyama Shizuku’s father. The director of Miyama Hospital. A surgeon. He cares about Shizuku’s troublesome younger twin brother more than Shizuku who does everything flawlessly. He is difficult and bad-tempered, and when Shizuku says that she is becoming a doctor, he objects to it by declaring that he has no expectations of her.

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