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Mutoi Ayami, the form teacher of Meiken Elementary School’s Class 5/2, is the ideal teacher – a cheerful person who loves her students. However, that is just a front. She is in fact an extremely black-hearted eccentric who never opens her heart to others or even loves her students. She does not believe in love and emotional connections. Hirashima Kotoha, the school’s health education teacher, is vaguely aware of Ayami’s dual nature and has been seeking an opportunity to expose her other side. One day, a student called Koto Yuiko transfers to Class 5/2. Yuiko faces Ayami and suddenly says cryptically, “The granny at Kabuto-san’s house, the one on the way to school, is on fire. Help.” Ayami does not take her seriously, but in a short time, an incident occurs where an old couple with the name Kabuto commit suicide by setting their house on fire. Then, a blog by an annonymous person revealing Ayami’s other side is discovered and a rumour spreads among the students that Yuiko is responsible for it. Yuiko has been absent from school since the fire, so Ayami visits her house. She is greeted by Shiki Takashi who looks just like the prince “Yumeoji” that Ayami has conjured in her dreams. Shiki is the assistant to Yuiko’s grandfather, Koto Bannosuke, a university professor. Koto tells Ayami that Yuiko has the ability to see future tragedies through precognitive dreams and digitally projects them for her to see. Ayami gets a shock … … And Yuiko’s next nightmare is of Ayami’s dream of murdering a student.

Kitagawa Keiko as Mutoi Ayami
The form teacher of Meiken Elementary School’s Class 5/2. Ostensibly a wonderful teacher who is cheerful, sincere and loves her students, she is truly a malicious person who has no trust in anyone. She rejects close connections with people and thinks that the interpersonal relationships in social life can be surmounted with intellect. She is swayed by the sudden appearance of the transfer student Koto Yuiko and faces off against her on verious issues despite her reluctance. She realises the technique to see dreams that she can consciously control.

Kimura Manatsu as Koto Yuiko (Akumu-chan)
A student of Meiken Elementary School’s Class 5/2. A girl who is always frightened and does not express her emotions openly, but for some reason desperately tries to open her heart to Mutoi Ayami. She is able to have precognitive dreams linked to the subconsciousness of people she has eye contact with. However, these dreams are all nightmares … …

Yuka as Hirashima Kotoha
The health education teacher at Meiken Elementary School. In contrast to her gentle smiling demeanour at the school infirmary, she loves horror and the occult. Her past-time is imagining and finding the other side of people that is hidden from view. She believes that there is another side to Mutoi Ayami and has an extraordinary interest in it.

Gackt as Shiki Takashi/Yumeoji
Shiki Takashi: An assistant professor in cognitive neuroscience at Teito University of Science and Technology. He is conducting research on dreams as with Koto Bannosuke as his right-hand man. He feels frustrated and upset by Koto’s reluctance to make the research results public. His passion for the research gradually turns into a mad ambition … … He looks just like the dream prince of Mutoi Ayami’s lucid dreams.

Yumeoji: A handsome prince who appears in Mutoi Ayami’s dreams. Riding a white horse, he dashingly bursts on the scene and fulfills her desires. He may also provide important key information about the story… …

Kohinata Fumiyo as Koto Bannosuke
A cognitive neuroscientist at Teito University of Science and Technology. Koto Yuiko’s grandfather. He has spent long years researching dreams and has accomplished the great feat of “dream visualisation”. However, he is extremely jittery about bringing this out into the world. He has for some reason had Yuiko transfer schools in order for her to meet Mutoi Ayami.

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