Double Face ~ Sennyuu Sousa-hen


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Monday, 9.00 – 10.54 p.m., 15 October 2012


The police receive a tip off from their undercover operative that the crime organisation Oda-gumi will be conducting a huge drug transaction. Police Inspector Onodera, director of the organised crime task force, intends to take this opportunity to arrest the boss of the Oda-gumi, Oda Taisei, and round up the organisation. However, Oda is no common opponent. He suspects that there is a spy in his midst and does not even tell his leaders the venue of the transaction until the very last minute. Hearing of police activities from his spy in the police organisation, he orders a change in the location. The police are at the mercy of Oda’s actions, but scramble to the alleged venue based on information from their operative. At the same time that they charge in and arrest Oda, who had been issuing instructions from a different location. However, there is no evidence because Oda was told to throw away the drugs right away. And soon, Oda and his men are released. This incident convinces both Oda and Onodera that there is a spy in each of their organisations. The two men decide that they will track down this treacherous enemy in their midst. Moriya Jun, who is with Oda, catches sight of police officer Takayama Ryosuke. A few days earlier, the two of them had encountered each other on the streets by chance, but this is the first time that they learn of their respective positions as crime syndicate member and police officer. While Moriya is a member of the Oda-gumi, he is actually the police’s undercover operative. No other police officer besides Onodera knows this. The six years spent enduring this covert mission has slowly started to tip Moriya’s emotional balance. Deep in his heart, Moriya wishes to return to the police. However, he has continued his mission on Onodera’s orders. Moriya stays with Hiroshi, his faithful buddy who is like a kid brother to him, and carries on the life of a crime syndicate member. He relaxes only when he goes for counselling with the psychiatrist, Nishida Naoko. It is a short period when he can be his true self and Moriya gradually feels comfortable with her. Meanwhile, Takayama is given the mission to find the traitor within the police organisation by Director Sugawara of the Security Department. Takayama is in fact the spy for the Oda-gumi. However, no one in the police organisation knows that and he is gradually alienated by his colleagues who wonder if he suspects them. On the contrary, Takayama has been tasked by Oda to discover the identity of the undercover operative in Oda-gumi. So he asks Oda to gather the personal details of the Oda-gumi members who were involved in the drug transaction the other day. Moriya, Hiroshi and others end up writing their personal details at Oda’s order. After this, Oda secretly hands them over to Takayama. Then as Takayama walks off, a man stealthily tails him from behind. It is Moriya. However, Takayama shakes him off by slipping into a crowd. An invisible fear that their true identities have been revealed to someone else starts to shake them up … …

* Nishijima Hidetoshi as Moriya Jun
* Kagawa Teruyuki as Takayama Ryosuke
* Wakui Emi as Nishida Naoko
* Ito Atsushi as Hiroshi
* Kohinata Fumiyo as Oda Taisei
* Kadono Takuzo as Police Inspector Onodera

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