Fuji TV Drama Special 2012 ~ Yo ni mo Kimyo na Monogatari 2012 Aki no Tokubetsu-hen

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From 9.00 – 11.10 p.m., 6 October 2012

Hate Virus
Synopsis: About half a century ago, the human race waged senseless wars. It was a neverending cycle of hatred and violence … … Viral infection was attributed to hate and this virus was given the name ‘Hate Virus’. Then researchers succeeded in inventing a virus to wipe out the Hate Virus. The world was freed of wars and humans gained utopia. One day, Saeki Makoto (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) of Utopia Conservation Agency conducts the customary vaccinations and checks that patients are free of the Hate Virus. Information comes in about a murder by a new virus infected individual. The victim is Saeki’s wife. And the infected person is Kurita Hajime (Mori Ren). Kurita is the criminal who had once killed Saeki’s daughter and he has come wishing to be vaccinated by Saeki.
Cast: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Mori Ren, Shinagawa Toru

Shinrei App
Synopsis: Tachibana Saori (Oshima Yuko), a clerk at a cram school, downloads the ‘Shinrei’ app, which is popular among students, to her smartphone. She takes photos with this app and combines these with pictures of ghosts in the background, delighting in the shocked faces of her friends. Then one day, Saori’s app displays a message. “Upgrade version? After you upgrade, you will be able to make ghost photos of the people you have photographed.” Saori, who is thoroughly addicted to the ‘Shinrei’ app, unhesitatingly upgrades it. But after that, misfortune befalls her.
Cast: Oshima Yuko, Daito Shunsuke

Raise Fudousan
Synopsis: When a man (Takahashi Katsumi) who has collapsed awakens and stands up, he is at a grass field. There is nothing around. However, when he looks carefully around his surroundings again, he sees a building standing by itself. He opens the door to the building and sees a real-estate agent (Masuno Hidetomo) inside. “Welcome!” The place that the man has arrived at is … …?
Cast: Takahashi Katsumi, Masuno Hidetomo (Bakarhythm)

Synopsis: Asamura Yuichi (Ito Hideaki) receives a phone call from the hospital. His wife is in a critical condition because of carbon monoxide poisoning. When he takes a look back, a faucet is sticking right out from the garden table. That faucet looks familiar to Yuichi. When his own mother died, when his friend and superior lingered between life and death … In fact, when someone close to him is near death, that faucet would suddenly appear. And this time, it shows up before him too. Could this faucet be an omen of someone’s death? Yuichi takes his daughter Misaki and heads to the hospital that his wife has been brought to.
Cast: Ito Hideaki, Moriguchi Yoko

Aiseki no Koibito
Synopsis: Office lady Yamada Suzu (Kurashina Kana) dreams of marrying her soulmate. She has been cohabiting with her boyfriend from high school days, Kondo Yoshiki (Sano Kazuma), but her days are fraught with disagreement. In the midst of this, Suzu is attacked by a bout of dizziness as she enters a cafe to eat dinner alone. The next thing she knows, an old man (Utsui Ken) that she does not know is sharing a table with her. “It’s been a long time,” the man speaks to her in a familiar way that makes her feel uncertain. “I’m your love,” he flashes an awkward smile and Suzu is overcome by dizziness again. She realises that the man has disappeared. Bothered by this incredulous experience, she visits the cafe again but … …
Cast: Kurashina Kana, Utsui Ken

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