Fuji TV Drama Special 2012 ~ GTO (remake)


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 2 October 2012
Cast: AKIRA, Takimoto Miori, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna, Takada Sho, Morimoto Shitaro, Nishiuchi Mariya, Honda Tsubasa, Miyazaki Karen, Shirahama Aran, Nakagawa Taishi, Yamada Yuki, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Sano Gaku, Takatsuki Sara, Takara Hikari, Shinkawa Yua, Takachi Noboru, Takizawa Saori, Yano Masato, Fuse Eri, Tayama Ryosei, Shirota Yu, Kuroki Hitomi, Kiritani Mirei, Hayama Shono, Masu Takeshi, Kurokawa Mei
Synopsis: Onizuka Eikichi (AKIRA) returns to Meishu Academy a few months after his sick leave. While he is on the way to work for the first time in a long time, the culprit who set fire to the children’s home, Smile Duck, is captured. That night, Onizuka and his good friend Danma Ryuji (Shirota Yu) come across junior high school students Kawahara Ryoichi (Yoshikawa Fumiki) and Ogaki Ikuko (Ode Nanako) who have been arrested by the police for a shoplifting attempt. Smile Duck is their home and they state that they do not want to go back to their parents. So Onizuka and Danma watch over the two of them and call a Smile Duck staff. The staff who rushes over is Fujisaki Shinomi (Kiritani Mirei). Shinomi is rumoured to have been Onizuka’s girlfriend in the past, but while she adored him, he did not return her feelings. Onizuka and Danma are informed by Shinomi that because of the “Return Children Home Support Policy”, children being sent back to their homes without proper inspections; there are those who abuse children among the parents; and children are being taken along to homes because facilities have been burnt down. The following day, Ikuko’s father and men of the “Return Children Home Support Policy” Special Team arrive at Smile Duck to bring Ikuko home. Knowing that Ikuko had been abused by her father, Shinomi vehemently opposes. Meanwhile, Onizuka arrives after receiving a phone call. Hearing that the Diet member, Makita Jiro (Masu Takeshi), has been advocating this policy because children should live with parents, he goes straight to him. Onizuka crashes a political fundraising party for Makita, and raises the present situation that Ikuko faces. Makita declares that there must not be such a mistake and promises to reinvestigate. Shinomi and the others feel relieved. However, the policy hides a hidden agenda … … It is a fight over urban development rights.  
Website: www.ktv.jp/gto

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