TBS Drama Special 2012 ~ Reset ~ Honto no Shiawase no Mitsukekata


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 30 September 2012
Station: TBS
Cast: Suzuki Honami, Takashima Reiko, Sakai Maki, Shida Mirai, Sakuraba Nanami, Yamaya Kasumi, Higashide Masahiro, Nukumizu Yoichi, Otomo Kohei, Okunuki Kaoru, Terawaki Yasufumi (guest star), Takahashi Keiko, Kurihara Goro, Fujiyoshi Kumiko
Synopsis: Kayama Tomoko (Suzuki Honami), a full-time housewife in her 40s, once wanted to become an actress. She and her husband, Hiroyuki (Terawaki Yasufumi), have been together since high school days, but no one in the family pays attention to her and her days are dreary. One day, Tomoko is shocked to see that the popular top idol on TV, Shion (Higashide Masahiro), is a dead ringer for an ex-classmate called Hanabusa Aya. Close to 30 years have passed since then. A surprised Tomoko makes a phone call to classmate Akasaka Harumi (Sakai Maki) for the first time in a long while. However, Harumi brushes Tomoko off. Harumi, who works in the night entertainment business and lives from hand to mouth, wishes to be rich and married if she is born again. Shion’s manager is their classmate, Kurokawa Kaoru (Takashima Reiko). The capable Kaoru has missed out on marriage and is looking after her old mother, Yoshie (Takahashi Keiko). Tomoko receives a call from Aya and is invited to a cafe called ‘Time’. Inside the cafe, Tomoko crosses paths with Kaoru and Harumi. The two of them had been called out by Shion separately. Shion tells them that he and Hanabusa Aya are the same person and never grows old. Suggesting that they return to their 17-year-old selves and start their lives again, the ladies are given the chance to “reset” by him. And so,Tomoko (Shida Mirai), Kaoru (Sakuraba Nanami) and Harumi (Yamaya Kasumi) return to their high school selves while they remain the same on the inside. As the wishes that they could not fulfil at that time are carried out, subtle changes start to occur in them … …
Official Website: www.mbs.jp/reset

Click here for pictures from the press conference.

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