Odoru Daisousasen ~ The Final Aratanaru Kibou


In theatres on 7 September 2012

Official Website

An international environmental energy summit will be held in Wangan Police Precinct’s jurisdiction, and the members of the precinct are mobilised to handle security. In the midst of this, a kidnapping occurs at the summit venue in full view of everyone. Several hours after the incident, the body of the victim is found shot dead. The weapon used is a gun that the police had seized. At a hastily convened investigation meeting, all the investigation information required is submitted in writing to Director Torikai Seiichi and the unprecedented investigation method of not disclosing any information on the precinct’s investigators as well as the gun used is announced. Then, a second person is killed. During the investigation process, Aoshima Shunsaku comes under suspicion and is given notice to resign. Furthermore, even the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Director General Muroi Shinji is swamped by the big organisational wave, and about to be relieved of his post. Even so, he, Aoshima and the investigators try their best to continue with the investigation. A third incident occurs as if to mock at them. Wangan Police Precinct chief Mashita Masayoshi’s son is kidnapped! Even though Aoshima’s position as a police officer has come under pressure, he desperately attempts to find out the truth despite his misgivings. Unknown to him, this investigation will be his biggest and final case … …

* Oda Yuji as Aoshima Shunsaku
* Fukatsu Eri as Onda Sumire
* Santamaria Yusuke as Mashita Masayoshi
* Yanagiba Toshiro as Muroi Shinji
* Ito Atsushi as Waku Shinjiro
* Uchida Yuki as Shinohara Natsumi
* Koizumi Kotaro as Koike Shigeru
* Kitamura Soichiro as Kanda Soichiro
* Ono Takehiko as Hakamada Kengo
* Saito Satoru as Akiyama Harumi
* Satoi Kenta as Uozumi Jiro
* Maya Miki as Okita Hitomi
* Kakei Toshio as Shinjo Kentaro
* Oguri Shun as Torikai Seiichi
* Katori Shingo as Kuze Tomonori
* Mizuno Miki as Mashita Yukino

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