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One day, high school student Ikenouchi Miku, who pines for the dream guy she whose face she did not even see at the entrance ceremony, is suddenly told by Narahashi Sohei, the most popular guy in school, “Please take care of me from next week.” When a bewildered Miku asks her parents about the matter, she learns that her father is starting a boarding house. Furthermore, they will be living with two additional people. Sohei’s good friend, Katagiri Hayato, comes to help him with the move. He was the guy Miku had previously seen kissing a girl in school. The attitudes of Sohei and Hayato are the same at school and at home. Although Miku tells them to be like they used to be at school and keep the boarding house a secret, she is uncomfortable with the stares of girls when she is with the two popular guys. Disgusted with the three of them for doing as they please in her home, Miku cannot feel at ease. She ends up venting her frustration in front of everyone before storming out … … Then one day, Miku touches Sohei’s right hand and the feel of it is the same of the dream guy who helped her on the day of the school entrance ceremony. But just as she wonders if this is destiny, she is introduced to his girlfriend, Ozawa Miyuki.

Chinen Yuri as Narahashi Sohei
A first year high school student with a simple and innocent personality – he does not doubt friendly people or read hidden meaning. He cannot leave people in trouble alone, and has a gentle smile that captures people’s hearts. He is the school’s most popular guy and the soccer club’s ace. The house his family was living in is burnt down and he ends up staying at Ikenouchi Miku’s home. His girlfriend Ozawa Miyuki is dear to him, but he gradually falls for Ikenouchi Miku.

Morikawa Aoi as Ikenouchi Miku
A first year high school student. A cheerful girl with an honest, straightforward personality. Although her candidness makes her unfeminine and unpopular, her personality endears her to all and she has many male and female friends. She is in love with Narahashi Sohei, who helped her during the school entrance ceremony.

Kojima Fujiko as Ozawa Miyuki
Narahashi Sohei’s girlfriend and the most beautiful girl in school. The natural femme fatale who has a way with guys. She is popular with males but loathed by females. Because she has no female friend that she can open her heart to, she admires Ikenouchi Miku. Her first love in junior high school was Katagiri Hayato.

Lewis Jesse as Katagiri Hayato
Narahashi Sohei’s classmate since junior high school, and a good friend who comes to hang out with him at the boarding house. He is smart and does not talk much, but says things clearly. He is thought to like girls, but the emotional trauma he suffered because of his divorced mother, he has never truly loved a girl, but slowly finds himself attracted to Ikenouchi Miku.

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