Higashino Keigo Mysteries


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Thursdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 5 July 2012

Fuji TV

“Sayonara coach,” Ishigami Junichi, the coach of the archery club at Mizuki Electronics, discovers the dead body of Mochizuki Naomi, whom he has been coaching, in the club’s room. What appears to be a video recording of her last words was left behind and because of this, her death is regarded as a suicide. Inspector Suzuki Kazuma arrives. Ishigami is asked if he has any idea why Naomi committed suicide. His reply is that she failed to make the cut for the Olympic qualifiers. The funeral service for Naomi is over and the police are about to classify her death as a suicide, but this does not go down well with Suzuki. On the other hand, Ishigami informs his wife, Yoko, that he will leave the company because the archery club will be disbanded. However, mysterious phone calls have been made to the Ishigami residence recently. In the midst of this, Yoko is attacked by someone … … Naomi’s stalker!

* Karasawa Toshiaki as Ishigami Junichi (Sayonara Coach)
* Tanaka Rena as Mochizuki Naomi (Sayonara Coach)
* Toda Naho as Ishigami Yoko (Sayonara Coach)
* Nishioka Tokuma as Suzuki Kazuma (Sayonara Coach)
* Sakaguchi Kenji as Sato Takuya (Hannin Inai Satsujin no Yoru)
* Shirai Akira as Kishida Sousuke (Hannin Inai Satsujin no Yoru)
* Nakahara Takeo as Detective Takano (Hannin Inai Satsujin no Yoru)
* Matsushita Nao as Tamura Atsuko (Endless Night)
* Osugi Ren as Banba Juzo (Endless Night)
* Tanaka Kotaro as Tamura Hiroshi (Endless Night)
* Mizuki Arisa as Asano Yoko (Reiko to Reiko)
* Ono Ito as Yamashita Reiko (Reiko to Reiko)
* Hirata Mitsuru as Assistant Police Inspector Imanishi (Reiko to Reiko)
* Yoshida Eisaku as Fujikawa Shinichi (Reiko to Reiko)
* Sorimachi Takashi as Nakagawa Nobuhiko (Amai Hazunano ni)
* Kato Ai as Nakagawa Naomi (Amai Hazunano ni)
* Kitami Toshiyuki as Fujimura Shigeo (Amai Hazunano ni)
* Nagasawa Masami as Aoyama Yayoi (Charades ga Ippai)
* Ando Masanobu as Bito Shigehisa (Charades ga Ippai)
* Ikewaki Chizuru as Nakase Hiromi (Charades ga Ippai)
* Tsumabuki Satoshi as Kitazawa Takanori (Charades ga Ippai)
* Toda Erika as Nakamachi Yukiko (Shiroi Kyouki)
* Santamaria Yusuke as Tamiya Junichi (Shiroi Kyouki)
* Hiraoka Yuta as Morita Hisashi (Shiroi Kyouki)
* Senga Kento as Nakamachi Shinji (Shiroi Kyouki)
* Miura Haruma as Nakaoka Ryo (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)
* Haru as Saeki Yoko (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)
* Ohno Takuro as Ikuhara Tatsuya (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)
* Miyoshi Ayaka as Kasai (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)
* Kondo Kazuyoshi as Inomoto Goro (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)
* Hirosue Ryoko as Iida Tomomi (Kekkon Hokoku)
* Yamaguchi Sayaka as Yamashita Noriko (Kekkon Hokoku)
* Okura Koji as Yamashita Masaakira (Kekkon Hokoku)
* Shinohara Ryoko as Murakami Asako (Nijunenme no Yakusoku)
* Tanabe Seiichi as Murakami Teruhiko (Nijunenme no Yakusoku)
* Kimura Midoriko as Nishino Sumiko (Nijunenme no Yakusoku)
* Hiraizumi Sei as Nishino Yukio (Nijunenme no Yakusoku)
* Suzuki Kyoka as Nakao Akiyo (Saisei Majutsu no Onna)
* Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Negishi Minekazu (Saisei Majutsu no Onna)
* Yada Akiko as Kanzaki Yumiko (Saisei Majutsu no Onna)
* Nishida Naomi as Negishi Chizuru (Saisei Majutsu no Onna)
* Ryu Raita as Negishi Yoshimasa (Saisei Majutsu no Onna)
* Nakai Kiichi as Narrator

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