Rinjo, the movie


In theatres on 30 June 2012

Official Website

It is the winter of 2010, a random attack occurs at Kichijoji. Four people are killed and 15 injured in this ghastly incident. The culprit, Hatano Susumu, is caught in the act. However, he is found to be of unsound mind in a psychiatric examination. Article 39 of the criminal code is applied and he is found innocent. The families of the victims who have lost their loved ones have nowhere to focus their thoughts. Two years after the incident, the body of the lawyer, Takamura Norio, is found stabbed to death at Minato ward. Forensics examiner Kuraishi Yoshio of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Crime Lab arrives with his subordinates, Kosaka Rumi and Nagashima Takefumi, to inspect the scene of the crime. Two days later, the psychiatrist, Kakogawa Yuzo, who runs a hospital in Kanagawa prefecture is murdered. This case is under the jurisdiction of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, but Kuraishi finds points of similarty in the conditions of the two bodies and he believes that there is a possibility that both murders were committed by the same criminal.

* Uchino Masaaki as Kuraishi Yoshio
* Watanabe Dai as Ichinose Kazuyuki
* Matsushita Yuki as Kosaka Rumi
* Hirayama Hiroyuki as Nagashima Takefumi
* Masuoka Toru as Godai Keiichi
* Takashima Masanobu as Tachihara Masumi
* Danta Yasunori as Nakane Tatsuro
* Wakamura Mayumi as Sekimoto Naoko
* Emoto Yu as Hatano Susumu
* Hirata Mitsuru as Urabe Kensaku
* Ichige Yoshie as Yamashita Minako
* Nagatsuka Kyozo as Yasunaga Taizo
* Ito Yuko as Hayasaka Mariko
* Kyono Kotomi as Kuraishi Yukie
* Sugawara Daikichi as Takamura Norio
* David Ito as Kakogawa Yuzo

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