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Tsuji Eriko, who is the ace in her cosmetics company’s public relations division, always gets the man she targets. She has the contact details of hundreds of men in her mobile phone. No man has ever cut her off. A god appears before Eriko and declares that he intends to test her for the lowest level. “Who do you think I am?” An irate Eriko starts by aggressively flirting with Ogura Tsukasa, the person in charge of her company’s cosmetics at a major advertising agency, but the god ruthlessly judges her negatively. Even her younger sister Kaori has to point out that love is something more intimidating. The god does not offer concrete advice for he is not motivated by a love test for humans to begin with. Exposed to his complaints and digs, the remarriage of Eriko’s mother, Hisako, makes Eriko recall that bitter first love during junior high school days … … Before she knows it, she speaks out about her embarrassing self which she has never let anyone see, to the god. Will she pass the text and be able to have a happy love?

Tanaka Rena as Tsuji Eriko
A woman who always gets her targetted man and has the contact details of hundreds of men in her mobile phone. No man has ever cut her off and she calls herself the “woman of many romances”. The ace in her cosmetics company’s public relations division. However, she is angered to be given the god of love’s fourth grade test, which is the lowest level. She begins by making a declaration that she will score her business partner Ogura Tsukasa for him to see, but … …

Seto Koji as Ogura Tsukasa
An employee of a major advertising agency who is in charge of the cosmetics company that Tsuji Eriko works at. He comes under pressure from Eriko as her love target. An earnest young man passionate about work, but in fact … …

Maiko as Kagawa Sayo
An employee at an aromatherapy shop who is prone to being charmed by men who live their dreams and excessive, “piddling gentleness”. It is always love that gets her dumped. She is handed a third grade test by god of love. She falls in love with Matsushita Michihito, a security guard that she met by chance, but Matsushita has a one-time fiancee whom he wants to get back with … …

Saito Takumi as Matsushita Michihito
A man who dreams of running a mountain lodge, and earns money by working part-time as a security guard at the building where Kagawa Sayo works. He wishes to start over again with a woman who used to be his fiancee.

Takeda Shinji as Ono Hisashi
A man who works in a research post at a textile manufacturer. Because he is intelligent, thorough and methodical, he manages everything with a smart, steady hand. Asked to be the organiser of his colleague, Ikewaki’s wedding ceremony, he busies himself with the preparations. The god of love sees this and declares a second grade test. Ono decides on Maeda Yuri, the organiser from the bride’s side, as his love target, but … …

Nonami Maho as Maeda Yuri
She meets Ono Hisashi as the organiser for the bride’s side through his colleague, Ikewaki’s wedding ceremony. She admires the way Ono progresses with preparations and likes him.

Kimura Tae as Sawada Yukari
A beautician who runs a beauty salon that she inherited from her parents and enjoys the trust of her customers. Although restrained, she is a sophisticated beauty. All the comments that Yukari’s younger sister, Kanori, a radio DJ, makes in her love talk show are in fact Yukari’s musings. Anticipating the strength of, she is given a first grade from the god of love, but regards this with no enthusiasm and states the condition that her younger sister goes together.

Ishihara Yoshizumi as Aragaki Yoshihisa
A home remodelling contractor. He undertakes renovations for Sawada Yukari’s beauty salon and home. He takes an interest in Yukari and tries to get close to her with the help of her younger sister, Kanori, but … …

Hosshan as God of Love
To begin with, he is not motivated by his job as the god of love and has not interest in human love. But even the realm of gods have quotas like those for salarymen, and because the power of love is falling in human society, he calls on distressed men and women somewhere out there at night and makes them undergo love tests. He slowly becommes attached to his test subjects and would even offer them advice so that they will do well … … He complains to them that he wants to be a more popular god such as the god of business, and is strangely quite human. His only pleasure is drinking alcohol.

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One Response to Renai Kentei

  1. Claudia says:

    Thanks so much. This is a wonderful drama and I wish there were more episodes. Do you know the name of the song and the singer for the song in episode 1? The first line” I walk with the clouds in my eyes…and it’s not worth it. It’s not easy to think in the dark…. I really like this dong but not able to find anything about it.

    Thank you, Claudia

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