Gaiji Keisatsu, the movie


In theatres on 2 June 2012

Official Website

One day, intelligence is received about the outflow of enriched uranium from the Korean peninsula. At the same time, highly classified military data disappears too. Japan is at high risk of a nuclear terror attack. Sumimoto Kenji and the members of the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section set out to investigate and get close to Seo Chang Ui, a second generation Japanese scientist who knows everything about that country’s nuclear development. At the same time, they keep tabs on a man who appears to be an agent that has infiltrated Japan and attempt to bring in his wife, Kaori, as a collaborator. Kaori finally decides to become a spy for them. She sneaks into the late-night office while feeling guilty for betraying her husband. On the other hand, as the nuclear terror plot makes steady progress, the Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) issues top secret orders to its undercover agents in Japan and a dangerous intelligence war begins. The spy hunters, NIS, terrorists and collaborator deceive each other with various speculations. Sumimoto turns to his last resort in order to stop the nuclear terror … …

* Watabe Atsuro as Sumimoto Kenji
* Kim Kang Woo as Ahn Min Cheol
* Maki Yoko as Okuda Kaori
* Ono Machiko as Matsuzawa Hina
* Tanaka Min as Seo Chang Ui
* Im Hyeon-Jun as Okuda Masahide (Kim Jung-Soo)
* Endo Kenichi as Kurata Toshiki
* Yo Kimiko as Muramatsu Kumi
* Ishibashi Ryo as Ariga Shotaro
* Kitami Toshiyuki as Kanazawa Ryoga
* Takito Kenichi as Kuno Hotsuma
* Shibukawa Kiyohiko as Morinaga Takuya
* Yamamoto Hiroshi as Otomo Haruto
* Toyoshima Hana as Okuda Kotomi

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