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Rinjo is the story of forensics examiner Kuraishi Yoshio who is not together with the organisation and sticks to what he believes in. No matter how trivial a thing may be, Kuraishi will thorougly pursue what does not make sense, and find out the truth hidden in death. The dead body and all matter left at the scene (voice of the dead) would be picked out, and not just the thoughts and feelings of the deceased, but also those of the people left behind would be sifted through.

In the movie which premieres in theatres on 30 June, the criminal responsible for indiscriminate killings two years ago, pleads insanity by using article 39 of the criminal code and is acquitted. It is an unbearable development for the families of the victims whose loved ones were snatched from them by those insensible acts. The lawyer and then the psychiatrist who exonerated him are murdered. The families of the victims from the incidents two years ago naturally come under scrutiny, but the truth that Kuraishi arrives at is … …

The main cast from the drama including Uchino Masaaki, Matsushita Yuki, Watanabe Dai, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Takashima Masanobu will reprise their roles. They are joined by Danta Yasunori, Wakamura Mayumi, Emoto Yu, Hirata Mitsuru and Nagatsuka Kyozo.

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