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Murakami Midori has a caring younger husband, Jun, and an elementary school-going son, Kenta, and leads a blissful life as a speech therapist. It is a happiness which she has obtained after being the depths of despair because of her first love broke his promise to come and get her if he became a doctor. But one day she is diagnosed with liver cancer. Furthermore, the surgery is very difficult and she is told that there only one doctor who can operate on her and save her life. Jun implores the doctor who has returned from Paris to Japan temporarily, to do Midori’s operation but is rejected. However, the professor emeritus at the alma mater that he operated on dies and he accepts Midori’s surgery in order to restore his reputation. Midori is brought by a relieved Jun to meet the doctor. But the doctor that appears before her is the person she least wants to see. It is Mishima Tadashi, her first love. Midori leaves this meeting and refuses the surgery because of Mishima. However, she decides to live again for the sake of the family she loves.

Kimura Yoshino as Murakami Midori
A speech therapist who has a built up a happy family with a caring husband and a young son about to enter elementary school. She was betrayed by her first love, Mishima Tadashi, who was her high school classmate and feared love, but met her husband, Jun, and thinks that her emotional scars have completely healed. One day, she is diagnosed with liver cancer. Moreover, the surgery is extremely difficult, and the only person who has been successful is a Japanese super surgeon currently based in Paris. That man is none other than the first love who once forsook her.

Ihara Tsuyoshi as Mishima Tadashi
Murakami Midori’s first love. A top liver surgeon who has pulled off a surgery considered impossible at a Parisian medical college. Everyone thinks that he is a cool, ambitious man. However, deep in his heart, the memories of a woman he has not been able to forget all this while remains fresh in his mind. That woman is Midori. He returns to Japan for the first time in 16 years at the invitation of his old university hospital to perform surgery on the professor emeritus. Then … …

Aoki Munetaka as Murakami Jun
Murakami Midori’s husband. The head of the sales office of a life insurance company. He loves his wife and son deeply and believes that he is the world’s happiest person. Although he is overwhelmed that Midori has been diagnosed with liver cancer, he runs about seeking a cure and ends up with one super doctor.

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