Mou Ichido Kimi ni Puropozu


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Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 20 April 2012


Miyamoto Haru is a mechanic who works at Mizushima Auto, a automobile repair shop. For Haru who has loved assembling radio control cars since young, this is his calling. Thrilled by the thought that he can give old cars another new start if he is able to repair them well, he has chosen to work at the repair shop. Yoshiki Katsura, a colleague, has a certain respect and adoration for the exuberant, friendly Haru. He met his wife, Kanako, at a park near the library where she works. They are in their fourth year of marriage and have no children, but Haru thinks that he will be happy as long as Kanako is by his side. Everything is smooth sailing. Then one day, Kanako suddenly collapses from a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Although the surgery is a success, she has completely forgotten the times she spent with Haru. It is a big shock to Haru as he gradually realises that all her memories of the two of them and even his own existence, is far from her mind. Kanako’s younger brother, Tanimura Yuki, who has always disliked Haru, takes advantage of the situation to bring his sister back to the family home. Kanako’s mother, Mariko, is on good terms with Haru, but she puts Kanako’s feelings first and indulges her. With Kanako’s memory loss, the relationships of the people around the Miyamotos start to alter bit by bit. In the midst of this, Haru resolves to fall in love again. Haru goes to see Kanako before and after he goes to work. However, she attempts to to distance herself from him. Then one day, Mizushima Auto receives a request to scrap a car. To Haru, it is a car that holds memories of Kanako. The work to scrap it affects him profoundly, and he gradually recalls the sincere emotions back when he was dating. Meanwhile, Kanako shuts herself at home, but slowly starts to go out with her mother’s encouragement.

Takenouchi Yutaka as Miyamoto Haru
A mechanic who works at Mizushima Auto, a repair shop for cars and motorbikes. He has the best skills and his beloved vehicle is a motorbike which he took apart and repaired. He married his wife Kanako after dating for a year and they are now in their fourth year of marriage. They do not have children, but he is not particularly dissatisfied with it. While his days are routine, he feels happy spending time with Kanako. He is the bashful sort and is not talkative, but he has a kind personality. A tenacious person who does not give up. One day, Kanako loses her memory of the five years they spent together and he decides to start all over again from the time of their first encounter.

Wakui Emi as Miyamoto Kanako
Miyamoto Haru’s wife. Because her interest is reading books, she is a qualified librarian and works at a library. She plans storytelling sessions for children and listens to library users. A friendly, energetic person with a kind heart, she detests dishonesty. She has been living happily with Haru four years into their marriage, but has lately started to feel that things are a little routine. Then one day, she undergoes surgery for a sudden subarachnoid haemorrhage, and ends up losing memories of the five years she spent with her husband.

Yamamoto Yusuke as Tanimura Yuki
Miyamoto Kanako’s younger brother. An employee at the sales division of a major food company. He does not think there is much meaning in marriage and while he has a girlfriend, he has no desire to marry. Because he and Kanako have quite an age difference, a part of him behaves like a spoilt child. He does not have a good impression of her husband, Miyamoto Haru. So when Kanako loses her memory, he thinks it is best for her to come back to the family home, but … …

Kurashina Kana as Yoshiki Katsura
A mechanic at Mizushima Auto who respects her senior, Miyamoto Haru, for his work attitude. Online games are her hobby. Wanting to get married, she toils at searching for a marriage partner, but it does not go well and she even gets mocked by the people around her. She says whatever she thinks, but does not get into people’s bad books because of her cheerful and frank personality. Learning that Haru’s wife, Kanako, has lost her memory, she tries to cheer him up in some way, but … …

Ichikawa Yui as Masuyama Shino
Tanimura Yuki’s girlfriend and colleague at the same food company. She wishes to marry Yuki and appeals to him at every opportunity. Because of Kanako’s memory loss and Yuki’s distant demeanour, she gets irritated with him everyday.

Maya Kyoko as Tanimura Mariko
The mother of Miyamoto Kanako and Tanimura Yuki. Her husband died young and she raised her two children single-handedly. She has a genial, carefree personality, but is also a person of firm character who tries not to make her children feel neglected. She now works part time and lives together with Yuki in the home that her husband left behind. She acts cheerfully in front of Kanako who has lost memory of married life so that her daughter will not get depressed, but in her heart, it is a great shock to her. She always takes good care of Kanako’s husband, Haru.

Onodera Akira as Miyamoto Tasuke
Miyamoto Haru’s father. A big fan of the Hiroshima Toyo Carps. He has a cheerful personality, does not keep secrets and has a good relationship with his son. His wife is deceased and while Haru proposed that they stay together, he wants to remain in his hometown where he has many friends, and thus lives alone at home.


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