Akko to Bokura ga Ikita Natsu


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Saturdays, 9.00 – 10.13 p.m. from 14 & 21 April 2012


Omiya Yoko, whose nickname is Akko, is the manager of Yoshikan High School’s baseball club. All she thinks of is the baseball club when she is asleep and awake. In her second year of high school, she is diagnosed with asopharyngeal cancer. This life-threatening illness comes as a shock to her, but the sight of her fellow members practicing for the Koshien makes her vow to persevere in her medical treatment and come back healthy. The baseball team also promises Akko that they will bring her to the Koshien. The treatment ends and Akko returns to the baseball club to the delight of her friends. She joins a school trip and embraces student life. However, it is shortlived. Discovering that the cancer has spread in a short time, Akko finds herself staring death in the face. She continues treatment, but when she learns that she will also spend the next summer at the hospital, she makes a decision … …

Kawashima Umika as Omiya Yoko
The manager of Yoshikan High School’s baseball club. During her second year in high school, she develops asopharyngeal cancer. Encouraged by the vows of her baseball club members to bring her to the Koshien, she psyches herself by for the tough treatment.

Yanagishita Tomo as Nakane Yoshiyuki
The baseball club’s pitcher who has been the ace since autumn of his first year and carries the hopes of Yoshikan High School. He is the driving force behind their Koshien ambition.

Yamada Kenta as Kato Shinji
The captain of Yoshikan High School’s baseball club. He promises Akko who has been admitted to a Fukuoka hospital for treatment that the team will take her to the Koshien.

Ukaji Takashi as Motomiya Yusaku
The coach of Yoshikan High School’s baseball club. He delivers the winning ball at the Oita games that allows the team to advance to the next round, to Akko. His motto is “We’re all in baseball together”.

Mitsuishi Ken as Omiya Tetsuo
Omiya Yoko’s father. He worries about her returning home late from the baseball club’s practices, but before long, her ties with the club reassures him.

Zaizen Naomi as Omiya Keiko
Omiya Yoko’s mother. She keeps her company while hospitalised in Fukuoka and courageously supports her.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Is this out on video with english subtitles yet? I’m anxious to see it. Please reply!

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