WOWOW Drama Special 2012 ~ Innocent : Ai to iu Ji


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Saturday, 10.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. from 14 April 2012


Yuko is a full-time housewife. Her son, a university student, has left the nest and she leads a monotonous life with her husband everyday. A mobile phone mix up gets her acquainted with the designer Araki. At the invitation of Araki, who suspects that he has an illness and is spooked by the spectre of death, the two of them meet occasionally despite their feelings of guilt. As Yuko gets swept away in a glow that breaks up the weariness she feels each day, she gets a phone call from Araki’s wife who makes a suggestion to her.

* Harada Mieko
* Murakami Jun
* Aso Yumi

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