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Komikado Kensuke is a lawyer who will fight to win any trial as long as he receives a professional fee. Then Komikado meets the lawyer, Mayuzumi Machiko, who believes that law needs justice. Machiko works at Miki Choichiro’s law firm and lost the case of Tsubokura Yuichi whom she was defending against a murder charge. Convinced that the ruling is unfair, Machiko wishes to appeal, but is opposed by Miki. Miki’s secretary Sawachi Kimie urges her to discuss this with Komikado, who used to be with Miki’s law firm. Komikado’s law firm is a luxurious private residence that seems nothing like a lawyer’s office. Then, Komikado himself appears playing the violin. Seeing him, Machiko recalls that he was the abominable man that she had encountered on the train a few days ago. He remembers it too, and therefore refuses to offer her advice. Even so, Machiko explains Tsubokura’s situation to Komikado who not only demands lawyer’s fees of 30,000,000 yen, but also 500,000 yen for consultation. This angers Machiko and she leaves. Back at Miki’s law firm, Machiko learns about Komikado’s details from Kimie. According to Kimie, Komikado was a dirt-bag, but had never lost a case because of his outstanding abilities. However, he would choose lucrative cases and the methods he used to secure victory was at odds with Miki. It appears that Komikado was kicked out of the law firm. Machiko hears all this, but the next day, she prepares 30,000,000 yen and goes to Komikado’s office … …

Sakai Masato as Komikado Kensuke
A person with character defects. He is a pig-headed, sharp-tongued, cynical, temperamental spendthrift, but a competent lawyer who has never lost a court case. A genius at strategising the victory in every case he takes. He unapologetically says, “Winners are justice.” “Court cases are games.” When he was a third-year student at the law faculty of a third-rate university, he made up his mind to start studying for the bar exam. He passed it in one shot while in school and became a lawyer. He used to belong to Miki Choichoro’s law firm, but parted ways for some reason. He took along many big corporate clients when he set up his own firm. His private office doubles as a luxurious dwelling. He is successful in his investments, and because he charges exorbitant consulting fees, he can live comfortably without working. He has been away from the courts for a long time. He overcharges and turns away requests of little importance, and lives a leisurely life. He has a great love for money, prestige and women. Needless to say, he has a terrible reputation within the industry. His creed is “Lawyers certainly do not exist to influence people’s lives, but only to work for the interest of clients.” “Don’t rely on judicial precedents, create precedents!”

Aragaki Yui as Mayuzumi Machiko
A female lawyer who passed the bar exam by studying extra hard and is filled with a sense of mission for social justice and the socially vulnerable. She is a ridiculously serious, clumsy person who crams studies too much. Her nickname is the “girl who memorised the whole book of six major laws”. Because her sense of justice is too strong, she lacks flexibility. If the other party’s convictions are different from her own, she will pick fights that tend to get out of control. The eldest daughter of a salaryman who is earnest about education. She has been the class representative since first grade in elementary school. She entered the law faculty of Waseda University whose entrance exam she had taken as a backup measure. That motivated her to be a lawyer. She has her own unique fashion sense, taste and ideas. Incidentally, she is tone deaf. Perhaps her inability to read situations is the reason why she has no friends. Because she is not savvy about the world, she gets despondent when she sees social reality in a variety of contexts, but her innate optimism makes her bounce back quickly. She clashes with Komikado Kensuke whose convictions are the exact opposite of hers, over every little thing. She gets pushed around by Komikado’s willfulness and also attacked by his caustic tongue, but she is not daunted and snaps back at him. At times, it is the opposite situation.

Koike Eiko as Sawachi Kimie
The secretary of Miki Choichiro who is at odds with Komikado Kensuke. As Miki’s assistant, she would show up in front of Komikado and persistently annoy him. She has the smarts and style that leaves Komikado speechless with admiration. At times, she even encourages Miki like a mother would.

Namase Katsuhisa as Miki Choichiro
The head of the law firm, Miki, which established its office in a big, high-rise building. Komikado Kensuke’s former boss. A former ace public prosecutor who built many brutal and criminal graft cases for the prosecution, he suddenly quit and switched careers to be a lawyer. During his time as a prosecutor, he met Komikado, who was then a budding lawyer, on a case, and saw Komikado’s qualities as a lawyer. After he became a lawyer and started his own office, he brought Komikado in, taught him the knowledge and skills in the legal profession and groomed him. As Komikado gradually started to distinguish himself, Miki felt close to him, but on the other hand, could not stand his behaviour as he grew out of hand. It appears that the office was taken over by Komikado. Ever since then, Miki has been unusually hostile to Komikado. He in fact has an interesting history with Komikado’s father, who was a legendary lawyer.

Satomi Kotaro as Hattori
A caretaker who is named an employee at Komikado Kensuke’s law firm. The exact opposite of Komikado and Mayuzumi Machiko, he is generous and good-natured. He is always with a smile. He is good at cooking and is a domestic person. He does everything with ease from Komikado’s personal care to help with work. However, he cannot keep up with difficult terms because he is a novice. His past is a mystery and he has unexpected special skills.

Taguchi Junnosuke as Kaga Ranmaru
A mysterious youth who receives pocket money from Komikado Kensuke, and obtains information advantages to the trials. At times, he disrupts the strategies of the opposition. The connection that he has with Komikado is not known.

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