Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri


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Saturdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 14 April 2012


“I’m not suited to be a detective.” Katayama Yoshitaro, a detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division, laments. Yoshitaro, who fears women, heights and ghosts, became a detective because is the family rule that “there should be one detective in the family” and the dying wish of his famous detective father. Naturally. each day passes without him getting ahead in his career. One day, he is ordered by Kurihara Hajime, the head of the First Investigative Division, to investigate a women’s college. At the request of the dean, Yoshitaro starts to examine the deterioration of discipline within the school, but because of his fear of females he gets unsteady on his feet. That is when, he encounters an intriguing tortoise-shell cat … … Then as Yoshitaro keeps an eye on the women’s dormitory from a nearby cafeteria, a small fire occurs inside the dormitory. He hurriedly starts to fire fight together with the students, but bumps into them and faints. Regaining consciousness inside the dormitory, Yoshitaro rushes out and returns to the cafeteria. However, the door is already locked. The following day, he learns that the dean was murdered at the cafeteria last night. It is locked from the inside in the perfect locked room murder. The baffling thing is that while Yoshitaro was gone, all the chairs and tables inside vanished. As he broods over these riddles, the tortoise-shell cat from yesterday suddenly appears and tries to let him know something … …

Aiba Masaki as Katayama Yoshitaro
A detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. The second of three siblings. He handles household chores such as laundry, cooking and cleaning perfectly. The iron rule handed down from generation to generation that there has be “one detective in the family” and the dying wishes of his famous grandfather and father leads him to get a job as a detective. But he faints when he sees blood, fears heights and females, and to make things worse, he is a coward who is scared of ghosts. “I’m not suited to be a detective. I must not make a nuisance of myself, he thinks and presents his resignation letter every day. Above all things, he is bad at being suspicious of people, because he wishes to trust every person. He resolutely believes that he is not cut out to be a detective, but as he continues to reflect on that, a change comes over his life as a result of an encounter with an intriguing tortise-shell cat. Through the support of his family and the capabilities of the cat, he is able to solve difficult cases one after another. This guy who thinks that he is the most unsuitable person for his occupation, warms the hearts of troubled criminals … …

Fujiki Naohito as Katayama Hiroshi
Katayama Yoshitaro’s older brother. He handles the rental of a mansion inherited from ancestors. This is the family’s main source of income. A father figure who also offers harsh words to the weak-minded Yoshitaro. He has his sights set on being a novelist and diligently writes at home. Because he is the ultimate mystery maniac, he aspires to win the Edogawa Ranpo Prize, but even Yoshitaro who spends each day with him, has never seen one finished book … … However, he is a central figure in the investigation meetings held at the family dinner each day, with his knowledge and love of making deductions. At times, what he says becomes hints for the investigation due to the wide range of mysteries he has covered.

Okura Tadayoshi as Ishizu Ryohei
Katayama Harumi’s self-appointed boyfriend and a detective with the First Investigative Division. A subordinate of detective Nemoto, he mocks Katayama Yoshitaro when he is with Nemoto, but when he is alone with Yoshitaro, he becomes two-faced and calls him “older brother”. He always struggles between two conflicting desires in investigations with Yoshitaro: the desire to do good deeds for Yoshitaro in order to please Harumi versus the desire to succeed in his career, be the “one detective in the Katayama family” and live happily with Harumi. He thinks that he is a stylish, handsome man, but there is no one around him who feels that way.

Omasa Aya as Katayama Harumi
Katayama Yoshitaro’s younger sister. She moves from one part-time job to another. A rather self-assertive and energetic person who is the complete opposite of him. She is even hard on Yoshitaro and has loving pep talks with him over and over again. She has the free spirited, wilful, obstinate personality characteristic of the youngest child. Because she is sociable, she can hit it off with anyone immediately. Once her interest is piqued, she will recklessly rush headlong into it without considering the consequences. She loves “cases” and “mysteries” that give off the slight scent of danger. She also often takes Holmes and sets out investigations on her own.

Ishizaka Koji as Kurihara Hajime
The head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. He is approaching the mandatory retirement age. He seems to be aloof and a person who does not stand out. Because paintings are his interest his desk at the division is decorated with them. He would put up exhibitions time and time again and invite Katayama Yoshitaro and his sister Harumi against their will. He accepts the resignation letters from Yoshitaro, but stows them away in desk drawers filled with pamphlets or art exhibitions and somehow loses them. He would use them for his notes each time and throw them away. A colleague of Katayama’s late father and also a talented detective who worked his way up the ranks.

Matsuko Deluxe as Holmes
A tortoise-shell cat that Katayama Yoshitaro encounters during an investigation. It for some reason gives Yoshitaro crucial hints for his investigations … … At times, the cat appears, taking on the form of a human. But Yoshitaro is the only one who can see it. It behaves as if it knows the Katayama family, an unusual secret or something like that … … It loves dried horse mackerel. Even when it is a cat, it has an extremely relaxed air, basically stays where it is, and naturally understands human language.

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