WOWOW Drama Special 2012 ~ Innocent : Sankakunami


Official Website

Saturday, 10.00 – 11.00 p.m. from 7 April 2012


Maki who works at a merchant shipping company is about to get married to her older colleague, Tatsuo, and is happily making preparations. The two of them announce their wedding plans to Hatano. He is their colleague and also Tatsuo’s junior from school days. However, Hatano appears to have received a shock. He presses Makiko to reconsider the marriage. His behaviour gradually gets out of hand and Makiko gets swayed by him. Before long, a bewildered Makiko learns the hidden meaning behind Hatano’s actions.

* Kanjiya Shihori as Makiko
* Yoshizawa Hisashi as Tatsuo
* Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Hatano

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