Taburakashi ~ Daikou Joyuugyou Maki


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Thursdays, 11.58 p.m. – 12.38 a.m. from 5 April 2012


The theater troupe that Todo Maki belongs to folds up and she gets stuck with huge debts as its joint guarantor. One day, she finds a writeup on an audition “Seeking actresses. Audition as needed. Hourly pay of 30,000 yen for acting ability. Option of living in. OR Corporation”, and visits the agency. However, it is not a regular talent agency, but a seedy looking company which contracts stand-in actors to play roles on request in daily life. The company president Matsudaira Tokitada immediately orders a confused Maki to head to a client’s place for a job. And so she starts playing the role given with gusto.

Tanimura Mitsuki as Todo Maki
She came up to Tokyo to pursue her dream of being an actress and launched her career as an understudy with a theatre troupe. However, the troupe went bankrupt, leaving behind huge debts. To make things worse, she gets stuck with the debts as its joint guarantor. When she is at her wit’s end, she comes across a part-time help-wanted advertisement, and interviews with OR Corporation which is in the business of providing stand-in actresses for daily life. She is naturally gifted in acting and once she gets absorbed in acting, she becomes so immersed that she cannot see her surroundings.

Yamamoto Koji as Mizutori Monzo
A remarkable stand-in actor registered with OR Corporation. He claims to be 28, but things such as his actual age, real name and hometown are all a mystery. Because he is a stage actor by profession, he handles the management, scriptwriting, production and even plays the lead by himself. He is captivated by Todo Maki’s acting and starts to follow her about.

Danta Yasunori as Matsudaira Tokitada
The president of OR Corporation. Born in Osaka, he has a strong Kansai accent and a shady appearance, but he is a charming character who is somehow impossible to hate. He has strong connections with the police and political circles, but his true identity is a mystery. Because he seems to have been an actor in the past, he is fanatical about acting and in his judgment of acting performance. He would also occasionally help on the scene as a stand-in actor.

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