NHK Drama Special 2012 ~ Yoake no Lullaby

Date: From 12.15 a.m., 27 March 2012
Cast: Tanimura Mitsuki, Renbutsu Misako, Watanabe Dai, Ueda Koichi, Takeshita Keiko
Synopsis: Kanae (Tanimura Mitsuki) is in a relationship with a guy she does not even like, and keeps harming herself. One night, she finds a strange girl at a park. The girl leaves after burying her membership and insurance cards at the park’s sandpit. The following day, the girl is there again when Kanae goes to the park. They converse in the park at night and become fast friends. She is Midori (Renbutsu Misako), and is a year older than Kanae even though she seems like a girl. Kanae feels an indescribable attraction to Midori who does not talk about her background. One day, the two of them travel to the seaside. However, Midori suddenly becomees ill and is in great pain. She has been suffering from illness since childhood, and is admitted to a hospital near the park. Midori says they will not meet again. Unable to find the words to say, Kanae leaves. She remains under probation because of her use of drugs a second time. At the advice of the probation officer, Kanae visits Midori in hospital again. However, Midori is shockingly indifferent and accepts Kanae. This disappoints Kanae. They learn each others secrets and their friendship deepens. But Midori’s health gradually starts to deteriorate, and … …
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2 Responses to NHK Drama Special 2012 ~ Yoake no Lullaby

  1. ELSA SAEL says:

    where can i watch this in full movie ? plss..

  2. Blake2812 says:

    Where did you find the movieee?

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