Suitei Yuuzai – Episode 1 Preview

Episode 1 (Airs 25 March)


Kayama Seiji, a journalist covering a war, receives a phone call with startling news. He hears that Shinozuka Yoshio, a man serving time for the murder of a small girl called Suzuki Tomoko 12 years ago, is innocent. Back then, Kayama had gathered materials on the case and written that Shinozuka was the criminal. However, that now turns out to be an inaccurate report. It cannot be undone and Kayama does not know what to do. Upon his return to Japan, he visits Shinozuka’s lawyer, Ishihara Yoko, and asks to meet the man himself … …



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1 Response to Suitei Yuuzai – Episode 1 Preview

  1. ct says:

    I can’t believe my first thought about this is… ‘Man, the roaming calls musta been fricking expensive!’. lol

    Interested in this.

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