Bunshin – Press Conference


An adaptation of Higashino Keigo’s Bunshin will premiere on WOWOW’s Drama W slot next week after Shokuzai ends its run with a much anticipated showdown between Asako and Yuka? I love the quality of the production, and the acting has been solid although episodes 2 and 3 felt a little less engaging. Like the Galileo series, Henshin and other works by the popular author, Bunshin is a mystery that will employ scientific and medical tricks, something that Higashino excels in. But Shokuzai might be a tough act for Bunshin to follow.

Bunshin tells the story of two girls, Ujie Mariko and Kobayashi Futaba, who have been living separately in Hokkaido and Tokyo, blissfully unaware of each other’s existence.


Mariko, a student in child welfare, lives with doubts about the love of her mother, Shizue, who died in a suspected case of arson nine years ago. She bears no resemblance to her mother and has little recollection of her love. One day, Mariko finds Shizue’s possessions in a relative’s house and discovers that while her mother was alive she had been searching for the secret of Mariko’s birth in Tokyo. And so, Mariko decides to unravel this mystery by heading to Tokyo.


On the other hand, Futaba, a university student, spends all her time with her band in Tokyo, and is to make a television appearance. However, Futaba’s mother is strongly opposed to her being on television. Futaba is suspicious of her mother’s uncharacteristic behaviour. Meanwhile, Mariko sees the footage of Futaba and is surprised. Mariko and Futaba are so similar in appearance as to be the same person. When the two of them finally meet, a shocking truth about a forbidden field of bioscience and a dangerous love comes to light … …


Nagasawa Masami, who plays double roles as Mariko and Futaba, says, “I was very careful with the way I spoke when acting as Mariko and Futaba because my own peculiarities would be reflected.” In real life, Nagasawa believes she is closer in character to Futaba. “She’s a little gallant and competitive, and a person whose strengths and weaknesses are not displayed very much. Perhaps she’s pretending to be strong. I think I’m like her in these aspects.”

As Futaba is the vocalist for her band in the drama, Nagasawa got to sing the musical compositions written by director Nagata Koto. “I sang with Futaba’s feelings, her many questions about her circumstances. It’s a song where I wish to convey the accumulated emotions being released from deep inside her, despite the loneliness she feels. I hope that it resonates with listeners. I’m certain as I act that the courage to move on is growing inside her through singing. A song is a very good way of getting into character.”


Nagata says Nagasawa did a terrific job. All she had to do was listen to feel happy. “At first, I wondered how Nagasawa-san’s singing would be. Then I was like, why did she not sing until now?”

The five-part drama will be broadcast every Sunday at 10.00 p.m. from 12 February.

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  1. jt says:

    pwetty girl in a double role. im in! i’ve heard her sang at one of the concerts in youtube before and she doesnt have a rocker voice. i dont know how they will handle with that. Higashino Keigo formulas do work for me. And It’s WOWOW! but good luck to non japanese speaking dorama fans

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