13-sai no Hello Work


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Fridays, 11.15 p.m. – 12.15 a.m. from 13 January 2012

TV Asahi

Kogure Teppei dreamt of being a detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division and set out to be a police officer the moment he graduated from high school. However, he continues to work at the Community Safety Division of the police precinct and does not find any challenge in his current post. He wonders if he should start over again … … The unthinkable happens as he turns 35. Teppei has somehow gone back 22 years to the year 1990! Discovering his 13-year-old self seriously thinking about the future, Teppei decides to “retrain” in order to give him the best life. He successfully coaxes 13-year-old Teppei and whisks him to cram school. However, Mano Shoko, the English lecturer at the school, advocates the supremacy of academic qualifications to the children, and Teppei raises quite a big fuss. Just as this becomes a problem at the school, Teppei is told by its owner, Azuma Utako, that she will have no choice but to make his 13-year-old self quit the school if his grades continue to be poor. However, to become a career detective and join the First Investigative Division, Teppei would do whatever it takes to get his 13-year-old self to go to university or he would be in a bind. Teppei bows his head. With a bold smile at him, Utako proposes and idea. If 13-year-old Teppei can save a secondhand bookstore which land speculators have their eye on, it will be an education that will certainly get him into university. Teppei immediately heads to the store with his 13-year-old self. It turns out that this is the family business of their classmate, Akiba Shusuke. Shusuke’s father says that he wishes to leave the bookstore behind for his son to take over because he cannot study. But the Shusuke of 1990 discloses his unexpected, true intention … …

Matsuoka Masahiro as Kogure Teppei
A detective with Shibaura Police Precinct’s Community Safety Division. He has admired detective since junior high school and joined the police academy after graduating from high school. He dreamed of investigating violent crimes, but that still has not been realised … … The work he normally has to do against his will is to look after children who keep on committing petty crimes such as pickpocketing and extorting money. Although he does not have a sense ofjustice that will rehabilitate the children, he is fired by a passion to perform great deeds so that he can transfer to the First Investigative Division. This self-serving, self-centred personality is even perceived by the children and he is at their mercy every day. But one day, he suddenly goes back 22 years and meets his optimistic 13-year-old self. In order to attain the ideal job and life he envisions, he decides to retrain his younger self … …

Kiritani Mirei as Mano Shoko
A student attending a top private university. On the other hand, she is also a temporary lecturer at a major cram school. Because her pay is directly linked to students’ grades, she succeeds in getting her hourly pay raised through an amazingly businesslike educational policy to achieve her aims. She fully employs her intelligence and beauty, constantly anticipates what is ahead and behaves sensibly. She does not know that her life will soon be at the mercy of the coming great depression … …

Tanaka Taketo as 13-year-old Teppei
A first year junior high school student in 1990. An absolute fool and a person who getscarried away easily. 35-year-old Teppei essentially inherited that personality, but at that moment, he was at the height of dumbness. When there are minor incidents or trouble between his classmates and the adults close to him, he will immediately poke his nose in their affairs. To put it positively, he has a great deal of curiosity and fears nothing. He falls into line with his 35-year-old self, learns about choosing his own future and occupation which had been a vague concept to him until then, as well as the meaning and structure of work, through various experiences and matures a litte.

Furuta Arata as Takano Kiyofumi
The director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division in 2012. A well-known commander who is a self-made made and has solved many difficult cases. He treats Kogure Teppei, who goes to great pains to achieve feats which are a public nuisance because of his dream of transferring to the First Investigative Division, as his enemy.

Yokoyama Yu as Young Takano Kiyofumi
Good at studies and sports since young, he does everything flawlessly, and even graduates from Tokyo University with excellent results. This combined with the job seekers market of the bubble era allows him to choose as pleases, but instead, he has not been able to discover a desire to do for a certain job or thing to do, until now. Then, when he is searching for a job that he can devote his life to, he makes the acquaintance of Kogure Teppei. He empathises with Teppei’s awkwardness, warmth and attempt to pursue his own path. Teppei looks up to him as an older brother, and they hang around together.

Fubuki Jun as Azuma Utako
The proud, capable owner of the cram school. Because she loves counting cash more than anything else, she has a great attachment to money. In the year 1990, she thrusts impossible demands on Kogure Teppei and the others in more ways than one and exploits them. Despite that, she is at times callous and would immediately turn on a person. A shrewd woman whose true intent is not clear.

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