Tightrope no Onna


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Tokura Yuri, a struggling pianist in Tokyo, visits her family home in Ashiya City, Hyogo prefecture for the first time in eight years after receiving news of the death of her father, Tokura Ryuji. Yuri had left home to live in Tokyo because she hated her father’s remarriage to his mistress, Kyoko. The chief mourner of the funeral is Kyoko who is now Yuri’s stepmother. Because Kyoko is wearing Yuri’s mother’s wedding band at the funeral service, Yuri leaves the venue in irritation, but Nagasawa Yoshiyuki, the family’s tax advisor, has her father’s will and goes after her to disclose its contents. According to the will, the house is Kyoko’s, and the shares in Tokura Wires, the company set up by her father, is Yuri’s. Yuri is told by present president Onoda Katsumi to follow her father’s wishes, but Yuri says she is relinquishing her claim and goes back to Tokyo.

Ikewaki Chizuru as Tokura Yuri
A girl who grew up in a well-off family in Ashiya City. After her mother’s death, she left home and went up to Tokyo when her father remarried. Unable to make a career as a professional pianist, she has been earning a living playing the piano at a hotel. She is just a girl making a pretense of independence. Even though she does not use the allowance from her father, she lives in an apartment in his name. Following her father’s death, she takes office as the president of Tokura Wires and sets out to restructure the debt-riddent company.

Takaoka Saki as Tokura Kyoko
Tokura Yuri’s stepmother. Her family has been poor since childhood and she met Tokura Ryuji at the club where she worked as a hostess. She later became his secretary and then mistress. After Yuri’s mother died, she married Ryuji. Behind the vitality of the worldly wise person is a strong yearning for family which she could never get until now. Yuri and her rebuild the company which is on the decline even as they clash with each other.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Nagasawa Yoshiyuki
The Tokura family’s tax advisor. He works on his own, but has a great hang up about getting clients through the the connections of his famous lawyer father. He was put in charge of tax affairs at Tokura Wires and because he does not mince his words, he shatters Yuri’s optimistic outlook, but they rebuild the company together with his wealth of knowledge.

Sasano Takashi as Onoda Katsumi
The present president of Tokura Wires. He started the company with Tokura Yuri’s father, Ryuji, and succeeded him as the next president. He puts money in capital investments in order to expand the company, causing it to be in danger of bankruptcy. After Yuri becomes the company president, he ends up being a mere sales person. He appears to be an unassuming, mild-mannered type but is actually an ambitious person. He has a strong desire to advance his standing, but does not quite have the knack for being a manager.

Tamura Ryo as Tokura Ryuji
Tokura Yuri’s father and the founder of Tokura Wires. Yuri cut ties with him when he remarried Kyoko, but he secretly sponsored her concerts and constantly worried about her future. The shares in the company he bequeaths to Yuri reflects his deep feelings for his daughter.

Kyo Nobuo as Furuya Hayato
He gets acquainted with Tokura Yuri through his job as an event coordinator for concerts and their relationship develops into love. However, he actually has a wife and it becomes known that this is an affair.

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  1. jt says:

    the title sounds like S&M

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